1. Vova Chupidze

    Hey! I’m Katie.I did -10 lbs last two months.Visit hddiet.gs#ZKwo

  2. OnceUponADiet

    Can you comment on how you feel about it after several months’ use. I had
    two Fitbit Ultras, and I liked them, but I washed one by accident (it was
    clipped to clothing) and the other got misplaced. Want to know what to get
    next. Thanks.

  3. FitnessReality

    I’ am still using it, almost misplaced it several times but it’s still
    good. I would say that any one of the FitBit products are good to use
    personally I’ m happy with the simple fitbit zip. If I had to get a new one
    or lost the zip I would go with the Fitbit ultra.

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