1. zeiter

    Thank you very much! This really help me doing the right decision. Although
    I must say, closing the fitbit was a 5min struggle, it’s really hard to
    close it the first times… ?


    Have you tried the fitbit Force? And is that batter than the fitbit One.
    Also have you thought about using Withings products? ?

  3. Mark R. Monaco

    The box in the video is not from a Jawbone Up, but from a Jawbone Era
    headset. Much different packaging.?

  4. Gavin McCawl

    Thats great you have just helped me make my mind up.thanks :)?

  5. Asif Iqbal

    Thanks, good job… Can u plz help me out, I want a device mainly for
    sleep, which can wake me up in light sleep, I read reviews abt UP that it
    works pretty well for that purpose, very good in tracking sleep as well as
    it has smart alarm. Besides that reviews abt UP are discouraging, most of
    buyers have encountered problems like battery problem n replacing it
    multiple times, I read fitbit is not as smart as UP when it comes to sleep
    tracking and smart alarm, can you plz recommend me one which meets my
    requirements? Thank you?

  6. Gavin McCawl

    How accurate is this for running?and what all does it read??

  7. ___ ____

    oooh… Keyboard warrior here to save those that cannot defend themselves.
    Go back to your cave.

  8. dylshow

    Was really indecisive about which one I wanted! Thanks for the review!

  9. Josiah Reiner

    I just discovered the Jawbone UP yesterday and was very excited about it
    while my friend was showing me the features and the mobile app. However
    after seeing this video I really think i would prefer the Fitbit Flex,
    Thank you so much for putting this together!

  10. getfitover40

    Data is the movement information the Band sends to the computer or
    Smartphone device so you can see what you are doing. I have not had to pay
    for this information, the free data seems fine for me.

  11. getfitover40

    I have not had to pay for any data, lots lots go on for me.

  12. momjack012

    I’ve heard that overall the fitbit flex is a better choice than the jawbone
    and even the nike fuelband, but would you say that it’s a better choice
    than the jawbone up? Help! i’m trying to decide on one of the two. And
    another thing is i’ve heard that the jawbone is better than keeping track
    of your sleep and that the alarm on the jawbone is better than the fitbit
    flex and that the app interface on the jawbone looks better than the fitbit
    app. what’s your take on all these points?

  13. getfitover40

    It’s out, just waiting for them to ship mine to me 🙁

  14. Eric Nguyen

    This is awesome! I think I want the Jawbone. It looks more to my style and
    I think it’s better in my opinion.

  15. Gustin Bentley

    Ic, ic. I might’ve overlooked this part, but did you review the first or
    second revision of the Jawbone Up? Because the 2nd version improved miles
    away from the first. I like (and use) the Jawbone Up, the feature set is
    just much more useful for ppl like me.

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