1. Bo redcommuter

    Hi All ,
    A quick break from G-shocks this month to share my new fitness watch. I do
    wish that Casio would produce something with all these features but until
    then I will represent the Suunto for training.
    Its a great piece with loads of features. The software is pretty good and
    enables me to keep a check on my position , heart rate amongst others.
    Check out my video review and please subscribe , comment or thumbs up as it
    really helps me out.?

  2. Bo redcommuter

    I do like the suuntos. I think they are slightly different watches. The G’s
    lack functions but they are more stylish and varied in their colourways.
    Its swings and roundabouts as we say in the UK. Saying that if i do get one
    i will quite happily do a head to head.

  3. Rokan kaplan

    I have the suunto core all black and its an amazing watch. in my opinion it
    kicks every g shocks ass however saying that you should buy one and do a
    review and comparison on between the gshock and the suunto.

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