Omron Tri-Axis Pedometer with USB Plug

Tri-Axis technology counts steps accurately no matter where it is positioned.

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New shape, same functionality as earlier model, Web-based software, February 22, 2013
Mark Colan "duke-of-url" (Medford, MA USA) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Omron Tri-Axis Pedometer with USB Plug (Health and Beauty)

USB plug integral to unit; no need for a separate cable
Accurate measurements of steps taken during a walk
Reasonably long lasting user-replaceable CR2032 battery (lasts about 6 months)
Can display data from past 7 days, and store up to 22 days
For PC & Mac desktop/laptop computers

Web-resident management software site was down; without it, there is no data management or analysis

I have been using the Omron HJ-720IT pedometer for a few years. I have replaced one that was lost, another that went through the washer and was never the same after.

This new HJ-323U pedometer from Omron is different in some useful ways, but does not offer much in the way of new capabilities. There are two aspects of the better Omron pedometers: the hardware component - which you carry when you are walking - and the software product, which stores and analyzes the results.


The HJ-720IT was oval in shape, and a bit thicker. The new HJ-323U pedometer is rectangular, sort of like a large thumb drive or pack of gum. A cap comes off of one end to reveal a standard USB A plug connector that fits most laptops. There are three other buttons and a display.

The device works in a standalone fashion to record the number of steps you take in one day. This count is always accurate. It also has some internal calculations that approximate the distance you walked, and the calories you burned. These two are based on two setttings: the length of the stride in your walk, and your body weight.

The calculations are only approximations. People do not walk in consistent strides, so the total distance won't be exact. It will be most exact for exercise walking where you seek to set a certain pace and stride. The other calculation, number of calories burned, is probably based on walking on flat land; the device has no way of knowing that you might be climbing a hill, for example, which could substantially boost the number of calories you are burning.

The device is intended to measure steps, only. If you ride a bike with the device in your pocket, you will get some measure that does not mean much in terms of steps, distance, or calories.

It does make a distinction between "aerobic walking" and all steps taken in a walk. "Aerobic" means that you went non-stop for at least 10 minutes, at least 60 steps per minute. That may not be enough to make it really aerobic, but it's not too far off.

Essentially, from a hardware-only perspective, this is not very different from the earlier HJ-720IT. Having a built-in USB plug, instead of requiring a USB A to USB B mini cable, is convenient.

It would have been nice if the device included a rechargeable battery that would recharge when plugged into a USB, but it still uses the same button-style battery.


The HJ-720IT includes software for Windows at least, not sure about Mac. The HJ-323U takes a different approach: it uses Web-based software to take your statistics from the device and manages and analyzes them on the Web. The Windows software of the predecessor was clunky at best, occasionally getting itself into a state where it could not load from the device without resetting the file, losing all your history.

Personally, I don't see any value at all to having Web-resident software, and I do see some disadvantages. In particular, you obviously have to be on the Web, and the Web software needs to be up and running. At any point in the future, Omron could decide that they are done supporting this device. At least with the Windows software of the HJ-720IT, you can use it forever as long as you find a computer that can run it, and the required batteries.

As I write this review, the Web site, which has the application, has been down. It has been a few hours. Although I have used the pedometer to gather a week of data, I can't comment yet on the software. I will update this review after it is up and I have used it.

I guess they are trying to take advantage of the social networking fad. I would not bore my Facebook friends with daily walking records. I suppose that you might find benefit in having a walking group to share mutual support, and this would help with that. It is likely that having the software Web-based would mean that they could support more platforms, such as Mac , tablets, and phones, with one programming effort, saving them money.

The specs say "Accessible on PC & Mac desktop/laptop computers; viewable on tablets & smart phones". I interpret this to mean that you can upload data only on the PC and Mac, but you can view uploaded data on a tablet or smart phone.

UPDATE 3/10/2013: the Web site that has the required drivers and does the upload and display was down for at least three days, pointing out an obvious problem with relying on the Web. I...

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Great product + cheap, July 24, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Omron Tri-Axis Pedometer with USB Plug (Health and Beauty)
I tried this pedometer during a walking program study I volunteered for, and when the month was complete, I sadly had to return it. Liking it so much, I decided to purchase one for myself, and so did others participating in the study. I ended up buying (4) Omrom HJ-323I units, and we all decided to continue the walking program on our own. The unit is so easy to use, and offers so much information. It's a great product.


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Trusty Sidekick Kept Me Going, August 30, 2013

This review is from: Omron Tri-Axis Pedometer with USB Plug (Health and Beauty)
I received this pedometer as an online tester for a 30-day challenge/10,000 step challenge.

That little pedometer has truly become my sidekick. It goes everywhere with me and has held up under some serious use. I found it to be very accurate and loved being able to click through the memory to compare each day's step so easily.

It was also fun for my analytics-loving self to be able to plug the pedometer into my USB and instantly see my progress, averages and personal bests in my online Omron dashboard.

Overall, I was extremely pleased, will continue to use it and recommend it to my friends and family.


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