Striiv Play Wireless Smart Pedometer

Between work and family, it’s hard to fit exercise into a busy schedule. Striiv Play is is the next generation Smart Pedometer; one that turns fitness into Play — making it easy to be more active, lose weight, and step into a healthier lifestyle. Striiv goes beyond numbers and charts. It links via Bluetooth 4.0 to your iPhone 4s/5 to compete with friends and family, hit personalized goals, or play games powered by walking. It provides instant feedback on steps, stairs, calories burned, and your milestones with a large high resolution OLED screen.

Basic Trouble shooting steps
The device needs to be charged for at least 30 minutes before using it.Please make sure the cable is plug in completely. The screen will not be on when the device is charging. It means that there is no light or sign on the screen that shows the device is charging. The screen should be black. Once the device is charged, turn it on by pressing the Scoll Button. If the screen is not turning on, perform a Reset by inserting a paper clip into the Reset Button. Press on the Scoll Button and the screen should be on. Then unplug the USB cable. The Reset Button is next to the Charging Port. The Scoll Button is at the front of the device. The steps are listed in the Quick Start Guide. See the attachment. For the customers future queries, please send an email to

Striiv Play V3

Too busy for the gym? Striiv gets you fit and turns fitness into “Play”, even on your busiest days. While other devices only track what you do, Striiv takes activities you enjoy, like competing with friends and playing games on your phone, and turns fitness fun into real results. The majority of Striiv users lose weight – over 13lbs on average. Ditch the graphs, and join the fun!

Striiv has been featured in the New York Times, USA Today, CNN, and People. Try the product that has everyone walking A LOT MORE!

*Based on 2012 Striiv sourced user survey

Play Hard. Get Fit.



Get Fit with Friends

Did you know that one of the best ways to get fit is with your friends? (in fact, having just one friend on Striiv will get you to walk an average of half a mile more). Play and compete with your friends and family, and see how you stack up to their daily average and personal best. The Striiv iPhone App makes it easy to link friends on Facebook, email, or text message. Game on!



Try Striiv for FREE

Have friends that don’t have a Play? Are you considering other trackers? No problem! Download the free Striiv app ( on your iPhone or iPod Touch today, and you can link your Striiv Play device at anytime.



Games Powered By Activity

The concept is simple — play addictively fun games powered by walking and you will get fit. Imagine taking your favorite games on the iPhone and combining them with your real world activity. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself walking up and down the stairs at 3 am trying to earn extra points!


Premium Features

Striiv Play is packed with premium features like counting stairs with a high-precision altimeter, a high-resolution, ultra bright OLED display, and a soft-polished stainless steel clip for maximum comfort and durability. In addition, the Play is water-resistant to prevent damage when working up a sweat. The Play also features a large high-resolution OLED screen that displays your stats clearly — even under sunlight.



See Your Results. Get Motivated.

Striiv tracks your steps, stairs, calories burned, distance, and minutes of activity. Achieve your weight loss goals and watch as you “Play” the pounds off with the built-in weight tracker.



Count Calories with MyFitnessPal

We’ve partnered with MyFitnessPal, the largest free online health community, so you can track your diet and nutrition along with your activity. MyFitnessPal allows you to track what you eat to meet your daily calorie goal and features the largest food database with over 2 million foods. Striiv Play links seamlessly to your MyFitnessPal account so you can see how much of that milkshake you’ve walked off.



High Accuracy

In addition to the 3-D motion sensor and high precision altimeter, Striiv’s anti-cheating algorithms provide an additional layer of accuracy. Other trackers report up to thousands of “fake steps” from car vibrations or random movements each day, but Striiv’s proprietary TruMotion(TM) technology detects and filters them out to provide the best accuracy in the toughest real world conditions.


*Results are from a survey study conducted by Striiv in April 2012.

What You Get

  • Striiv Play Smart Pedometer
  • Micro-USB 2.0 Cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Free Striiv iPhone application


  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPod Touch (5th generation)
  • The New iPad
  • iPad Mini

$ 17.00

Customer Reviews

55 of 58 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars
It’s got game, November 8, 2012

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Striiv Play Wireless Smart Pedometer (Sports)
If you’re going to buy the Striiv Play and pay about , plan on shelling out another 0 or so in a few weeks for fitness gear. By then you’ll be eating up the pavement and will likely need to outfit yourself with a new pair of sneakers.

I’ve been averaging 12,000 steps, or roughly six miles a day. That’s over an hour a day out walking the dog Murphy and she’s as happy as I am with the new Play.

The pedometer and linked app provides incentives to build your own domain “My Land,” in an online game that’s as addictive as those Cheetos you used to eat while sitting on the couch.

Accuracy: The Striiv literature says the Play contains in its peanut-sized package a 3-D motion sensor and altimeter that measures and records your ups (and downs?) on stairs. I compared the data on the Play to the steps measured by my old pedometer, a Yamax Digiwalker, and at the end of the day the two matched up almost step for step.

In addition to stairs, the Play tracks steps, calories burned, distance and minutes of activity. Data is transferred to your iPhone or iPad wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. Playing “My Land” you cash in the exercise for energy points and play money (gold coins) to build your community. It’s all very habit forming and you’re incented with rewards to keep at it and keep doing more.

Striiv says the Play’s extreme accuracy is the product of its proprietary technology and algorithms that get rid of bogus input that comes from such normal things as random movements. I’m convinced of their claims. There appears to be an immense of amount of R&D and technology crammed into the little package. The pedometer is sleek, smaller than most and feels and looks as if it will be durable. I like carrying it around in a pocket rather than clipped to my belt. I wish Striiv would allow me to remove the belt clip, but that’s a quibble.

A companion to the Play, the Striiv app is free and compatible w/ iPhone 4(S) and iPhone 5, the new iPad and the iPad Mini. If you like games and allow yourself to be motivated, the Play adds a lot of enjoyment into being active. I especially enjoy clicking on the female centaur who wanders around in My Land. Give her a finger-tap and she stops, looks up and gives me a friendly little wave hello. Every time, I get a kick out of that.


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29 of 29 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars
Love the idea, not enamored of the execution, December 12, 2012
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Striiv Play Wireless Smart Pedometer (Sports)
As a previous Fitbit user, I had high hopes for the Striiv Play, sadly it is on its way back as a return.

-Nice bright display
-Engaging app

-Charts are basic, but adequate

-Battery life is an abomination. My play regularly drains to 50% batterylife in the course of 1 day without my accessing its screen frequently. In addition, it can report 100% charge and "half full" all at the same time. Definitely buggy. If I don’t charge it every day at a minimum, it will die unexpectedly.
-Accuracy – I’ve paced the entire length of my building at work without it registering a step.
-Bluetooth connection is finicky – with the recent software update, it seems better, but still not flawless. Sometimes it synchs without any prompting, other times it requires a "nudge" by waking the play while the app on the phone is also active.


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21 of 21 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars
It’s a motivator and kind of fun, February 10, 2013
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This review is from: Striiv Play Wireless Smart Pedometer (Sports)
I’ve had a Fitbit and now the Striiv Play. I also tried just the Striiv app without the Play at first. My Fitbit was great until the length of time it would hold a charge got to be less than a day. Fitbit support was great and replaced the Fitbit with a new one. I can’t complain there! But when I got the replacement Fitbit, I sold it and bought the Play instead. I love the challenges of the Striiv app and trying to compete against my friends is even more motivation. I’m also kind of into “the land” so earning energy and money to grow that is motivational as well. The metal clip on the Play is more durable than the Fitbit plastic clip.

The ONLY PROBLEM I’ve had with my Play is sometimes it loses connection with my iPhone 4s app. This only happens when I’m in my car that has a Bluetooth connection to my phone as well. To fix this, I have to cycle the power on the Play. Now that I know how to fix it, it’s not that big of deal. But it was VERY FRUSTRATING at first. To cycle the power on the play you have to hold down the button on it. When you do that, the Play enters the airplane mode menu. Click once to go to power mode. Hold the button down again, so the power setting switches from on to off. When you release the button, the Play turns off. Next, hold the button on the Play again and it will turn back on and resync with the iPhone 4 app. I can do this fairly quickly now so it’s really no big deal.

If given the choice between the Fitbit and the Striiv Play, I would buy the Play again. The Striiv app without the play is good enough to try it out, but you really need to invest in the Play to get all the benefits. The app just isn’t as accurate without the play. But again, the app by itself gives you the opportunity to try it without an investment.

I grew tired of the My Land. I didn’t have any friends competing with me anymore and there were more times than not that my Play didn’t sync with my app before bed time so I lost everything from the day before since it only stores the current days data. Very frustrating. I’ve given up on this and went to the Withings Pulse.


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