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For the serious mountain-sports enthusiast, the Suunto Ambit2 GPS Heart Rate Monitor is the ultimate tool for measuring performance and navigating remote landscapes. Complete GPS functionality combines with the barometer to track elevation, provide route navigation, and alert you to impending storms. This Ambit2 includes a chest strap for real-time heart rate graphs and target zones, and multi-sport functionality allows you to quickly swap between running, cycling, swimming, and training modes.

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Garmin Fenix 2… Polar V800… Suunto Ambit2???, May 29, 2014
Amazon Customer “EB” (The Wilds) – See all my reviews

I’ve been using the Ambit2 for a month. My partner got his Garmin Fenix 2 a few weeks prior. Here are some differences.

If you want a shorthand comparison, Garmin’s Fenix 2 is like a high-end Android. Suunto’s Ambit2 is like an iPhone. This pretty much sums up the differences, but read on for specifics.

The Garmin has more features than the Suunto – vibrating alerts, receives text messages, virtual partner, edit profiles on device, connects to Android & iPhone. Unfortunately, Fenix 2 doesn’t have the best software. The system can be glitchy and unstable. The user interface is not very responsive, has a bit of a lag.

The Suunto has fewer features than the Garmin, but what it does, it does really well. It’s very well-executed. The screen responds instantly. The GPS locks on notably faster than the Garmin every time. In place of Virtual Partner, vibrates & text messages, Suunto has quality upgrades like frequent updates, 10-second & 1-minute GPS pings which saves battery life. It’s also waterproofed to 100m (Garmin is 50m). You can download apps. So, you never know what your Ambit2 might be able to do down the road.

If you want a lot of tricks & customization, the Garmin will deliver. If music is important to you, Fenix 2’s vibrating alerts make it your guy. …but at the expense of reliability and a stable platform. You never know when these features will or will not be working properly. Fenix is sort of like an Android phone – lots of tricks, but not very consistent. We thought this dependability problem might just be a lemon issue, but we’ve since read similar complaints about Fenix 2. **To be fair, Fenix 2 does work most of the time.** Really, it’s not a bad watch. I’m no fanboy. (I wish I did have vibrating alerts & Bluetooth.) It’s just temperamental, unpredictable & the UI lags a bit.

If you want a very capable, versatile, quality device that is always up-to-date and can grow with apps, with a dependable & well-executed user interface, then go with the Suunto. However, the Ambit2 will have you tied to your computer and WiFi to edit profiles. It will not connect to your Android or iPhone because it doesn’t use Bluetooth. You can’t listen to music because there’s no vibrating alert. Real issues to consider.

They both have their pluses & minuses. ‘The best’ depends on your taste. I chose Ambit2 because there’s nothing worse than running 20 miles or so, only to have your watch stop working or lose your info, even if that only happens twice a month or so. What good are bells & whistles if the basic functions of the unit are unpredictable? I’m also quite fond of the frequent updates and downloadable apps for the Suunto. It keeps the device relevant and future-proof.

There’s a bit of snob appeal, too. Suunto is sort of the Vitamix to the Garmin’s Blendtec… The Audi to Garmin’s BMW… The Osprey to Garmin’s North Face. ­čśë

If you’re considering either of these two devices, keep in mind that Polar has just released the V800. Pretty awesome stats, so you might wish to compare the three before making your purchase.

In the end, Ambit2 does a lot, does it well & is always up-to-date. I just feels more ‘professional’. It’s the best overall package for me.


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happy early, January 1, 2014
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This review is from: Suunto Ambit2 GPS Heart Rate Monitor – Men’s (Sports)
1. read dc rainmakers overall review. i don’t know who he is or why he does it but his reviews are phenomenal and well thought out.

I just replaced a dying Garmin 405 with the ambit2 sapphire. My early thoughts after 1 run- yes a ton of trial use.

1. good screen
2. fast acquisition of GPS
3. good HR
4. lots of easy to use screen options
5. i love the baro/alto temp function. why? I have no idea- but I do!
6. waterproof.
7. ability to customize.

1. big (compared to garmin 405/wrist watch – not other similar products)
2. tied to computer ; no blue tooth transfer.
3. body heat alters temp.

overalll i did a lot of research into this ( as I do with everything) and i’m happy. I considered trading in for garmin 9xx but still will keep this.


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Awesome!, August 29, 2013
I don’t often write reviews, but this piece of gear is worthy. I’ve owned this watch for about 2 months now, and all I can say about it is that it’s awesome! I bought the Suunto Ambit2 Saphire with the heart rate monitor. I do MMA training, hiking, salt water kayaking, getting in to rock climbing, and general training for Tough Mudder and other mud/endurance runs, and needed something to help me take it to the next level as carrying my iPhone just was not great as a lot of times you need your hands and I don’t like having it attached to my arm or waste and definitely not in a pocket.

It does everything that’s advertised, and is pretty easy to use…much easier to use then my last Suunto, which I returned to REI. It was not a 1/4 of what this watch is, but it was half the cost. The other one felt somewhat flimsy, and one of the buttons stopped working after about 6 months…I am hard on gear though as I buy it to actually do what it’s supposed to do – intense workouts, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc. This one the buttons are very firm and well built, and feel like they will hold up, but only time will tell. I’ve hit this watch pretty hard multiple times so far and only have a few small and hard to notice scuff marks to show for it in the aluminum face.

What is really amazing is the recharging and connectivity to the MoveScout site, which you can use to update and customize the watch as well as go over your past workouts and see where you need to up your workout to keep your heart rate up. If you’re running it shows what your heart rate was during each part of your run as well as your pace, etc…very useful so you know where to up your intensity.

Would I buy this item again, h3ll yes…I will buy another one when/if I break this one. I was also thinking about getting a dive watch like a Omega Seamaster, but honestly this is way better and WAY cheaper. No doubt they are awesome watches, but for what I need it is just not the right tool for the job. Seems more of a item for people looking to prove something to other rich folk. Who knows, I may still get one :).


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