Suunto Quest Running Pack HRM Training Watch

Equipped with a range of sensory receptors that enable it to interact dynamically with its environment, the Suunto Quest Running Pack HRM Training Watch represents the absolute embodiment of the harmonious relationship between functional, ergonomic design and sleek, robust aesthetics. Data pertaining to the wearer’s workload, intensity and biomechanics can be recorded, analysed and subsequently shared/downloaded via a range of mediums including the online community. This version does not include the GPS Track POD with USB cable.

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Love this watch, January 20, 2012
T. Orozco (Barranquilla, Colombia) – See all my reviews

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This review is from: Suunto Quest Running Pack HRM Training Watch (Misc.)
I have never owned a sports watch, a heart rate monitor, or a Suunto product before, so I did quite a bit of searching within Suunto and other brands before settling on the Quest. I am now glad I chose this product over the Suunto M5, the t6d, and competing brands. Most Polar and Garmin devices are just plain ugly, and I’ve heard of so many users frustrated with the time their GPS watches take to hook on to a satellite than I decided I wanted to measure my distances with a foot-pod-based system instead. I also find it a pain to have to charge the device every day.

This watch seems to supply many of the features missing from the Suunto M5 that many people complain about (fixed calibration with the PODs, lack of heart rate zone info). The t6d, on the other hand, would have been just overkill for me. I work out every day, running and cross-training, but the amount and complexity of information that something like the t6d provides seems more of a distraction than a feature for anyone except sports-physiology-obsessed athletes. Most serious runners will be very, very satisfied with the Quest.

I’ve had it for a week. I’ve had zero issues getting an immediate signal from the heart rate monitor or the food pod, and the chest strap is comfortable and doesn’t move once it is snapped in place. I thought working out with a belt strapped around my chest would be bothersome, but I forget I have it on after about 5 minutes. The Movescount website could use some polishing and improvement (which I hope will come in time), but as it stands it is a fine replacement for a training journal and it provides much more information about my workouts than I’ve ever had available.

Among the watch’s features, the ability to create your own display modes and to customize the information displayed on the screen are my favorites. You can even customize (from a set of limited, but sensible, options) the information displayed around the display edge, which means that you can have three distinct types of data shown simultaneously (for instance: heart rate %, speed, and stopwatch), so that the most important information is there, at a glance, without having to fumble with buttons. These customization options are not just niceties, they are what makes the difference between a gadget and a truly useful device. The Quest is definitely the latter. It is fairly new to market, so there aren’t that many reviews of it out there yet. That is a shame, since Suunto has created a near-perfect product, especially for runners. (It looks nice, too.)


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5.0 out of 5 stars
Very impressed *UPDATED 9/2014, March 27, 2014

This review is from: Suunto Quest Running Pack HRM Training Watch (Misc.)

I have quite a few watches but I’ve never owned a Suunto. I got a Fitbit Force for Christmas, which was recalled, so I had the opportunity to take my refund and get something else. I looked at other “fitness bands” but really, as someone who runs and works out almost every day, the bands are just a little gimmicky. After a lot of reading and researching I order the Quest.

It comes in a surprisingly small package. The quality of the watch and the accessories is apparent from the beginning. Setup was quick and intuitive. I had absolutely no problems pairing the HRM strap and the foot pod on the first try. The watch itself is light and comfortable on the wrist.

Getting set up on was equally easy. As with the strap and the foot pad, the watch synced with the USB dongle on my MacBook Pro on the first try. So that’s all the administrative stuff. Here’s how it performs (in my opinion):

Getting started is easy, and the information it provides–which is the whole point, right?–is great. It took me half a dozen runs to really refine and customize the screens. I love that Sunnto worked that function into MovesCount rather than have you try and do it via the watch. Ultimately I pared down my running screens to 3 (from 5).

The foot pod is small and unobtrusive. It snaps onto your shoelace and there’s really no chance of it going anywhere. Click and forget. I don’t have a point of reference for the HRM strap but it’s very comfortable and I don’t mind it at all. It stays in place and after a few minutes I forget that it’s there. When you disconnect one of the ends from the middle part it turns the battery off (or so I read). I usually have to adjust it once at the beginning of my run but that’s it. I will say that I am not a big guy (42 jacket, 5’9″ 170#) and the strap is within 1″ of its max adjustment point. Certainly a larger person could wear this, but it’s going to get progressively tighter once you run out of adjustment on the slide buckle. Maybe they want you to wear it tighter than what I have it adjusted?

The HRM works like a champ, as does the foot pod. I first ran a route that I mapped via Google Maps, and the distance was close. I calibrated the foot pod (super easy to do on the watch itself, don’t have to use MC) and then on my next run, on a track, the distance was within 1/100 of a mile of the actual (ran 0.49 and the pod said 0.50). So it’s spot-on. I ran 10 miles and it showed 9.8, which may seem like it’s off by 2/10 but as a percentage that’s pretty darn close. Heck, the race course could have been mis-marked by that much.

I should also mention that the HRM works GREAT with Precor gym equipment. So on my non-running days that’s a huge plus. In summary:

– Very comfortable and light
– Great build quality on the watch, foot pod, and HRM strap
– Good UI on the watch
– Gives me all the data I want and then some
– Looks sharp
– Customized tap function is a great idea
– The bezel graph is very useful, and customizable

– MovesCount is fine, but it’s not Apple-quality UI. But it’s OK.
– Sometimes takes a second try to link the watch to MovesCount via the USB dongle
– I’d love some kind of (this is going to sound stupid) lanyard for the dongle. When not in the USB port on my laptop it’s in a pocket in my backpack, and I’m scared that it’s going to get lost.
– Flashing light while running/training is kind of weird
– I am not a big guy and the strap on the HRM is almost at it’s max adjustment point. I guess they plan for bunch of skinny runner-types buying this?…

– A little expensive for some
– Easy to press the buttons inadvertently. Not a deal-killer, but sometimes it does happen. At least there’s a lock function.

– Guards for the buttons (case molded differently)
– One more button that could be custom programmed for whatever you want
– A very, very dim backlight function (think moonlight) for running at night, rather than the super-bright backlight flashing
– A cycle function (not bicycle) that would automatically scroll through the data screens at a pre-set interval while you are running/training

Compared to the FitBit Force the Quest is amazing. Despite the few design quibbles I am very happy with my purchase. For me, for a running/training watch, it’s about 95% perfect. Which works for me.

After nearly six months of using the Suunto Quest almost every day I thought I would update this review. In a nutshell: I love it. I’ve refined the different menus for running and training and it’s even more useful now than when I got it. The pod, HRM and watch have held up perfectly and look new, even after quite a bit of use. The watch itself remains very comfortable, and I find myself wearing it nearly all the time.

So what’s not to…

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Excellent running companion, February 21, 2012
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This review is from: Suunto Quest Running Pack HRM Training Watch (Misc.)
I don’t have time to write one of those lengthy, full of all the juicy detail reviews, but simply put this watch is awesome. It allows me to track many different aspects of my running and I can get a great visual of how I’m progressing and the shape I’m in. Being able to compare heart rates at different and same speeds from different runs weeks, days and months apart really has helped me to see my progress. I like the feature that tells me when I need to speed up or slow down and it helps keep me on pace when I’m racing and keeps me from slacking off. Seeing the “training day” on the front panel and the workout complete check mark at the end of a run is a good reminder that keeps me busting my butt.

I had ZERO problems connecting the watch to the pod and heart monitor and then to my computer (i’ve used both mac and pc with this watch)at the end of a workout. Just make sure to follow the direction, the heart rate monitor does need to have the leads slightly wet to get a reading. That brings me to the only thing that has sometimes bothered me: the strap for the HR monitor tends to slide down on your chest at the beginning of the workout when it is dry. But once you get sweating and the band dampens a little it stays put perfectly. I find that if I just get the entire band a little wet before the beginning of my workout I have zero problems with this. Other than that I am completely satisfied with this product and have had no issues with it.


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