1. Rachel Bonterre

    Thanks for the review. Mine just arrived after I purchased it from ebay
    for 29.99. Was initially thinking about buying a fitbit, but didn’t feel
    like spending that much. Great info!?

  2. Carlos Danger

    I have a question. Is the Jawbone Up compatible with Health kit on iOS??

  3. Martin Eisenloeffel

    Nice review… thank you, helped me decide.?

  4. Neva Smith

    WOW I spent $60 two days ago & feel like I spent too much. And it won’t let
    me see the MOON show up for night time sleep mode. I even did a soft reset.
    ARG! And is there a download of this that I can put on my computer to keep
    a record like my phone does??

  5. D Johnson

    40 dollars at BJ’s in Hampton, Va. I initially thought I wanted a Fitbit.
    However, now that I’ve been looking and reading, Jawbone seems to be the
    best bang for the buck. Bluetooth versus earphone jack, for forty dollars,
    you decide. ?

  6. Jessica Jones

    I was going to buy the FitBit because it’s on sale right now in the U.S.,
    but you’ve just sold me on the UP. Awesome, awesome review.?

  7. Marwan Hossam

    Will it calculate distance and pace when running ??

  8. Davida Wright Galvin

    Nice review! I’d like to try it based on your information. ?

  9. mattinmo

    i just bought one best buy deal of the day 29.99 so I think I got a good

  10. Jerry Fisher

    There were a few more features that I have not tried yet. Got a deal on
    mine at the Target clearance rack- $40?

  11. SoCal | Find me on Twitter. I love you guys?3

    nike+ fuelband se>?

  12. beer patzer

    Sounds like an extended commercial rather than a review…?

  13. LordOfNothingham

    …..but is it actually accurate, close to accurate, as far as calories
    burned? I don’t mind entering calories consumed. I guess what I’m asking
    would be is it better than a heart rate monitor for working out??

  14. hellogen1

    Great review! I just got an UP a few days ago and love all the things you
    pointed out in your video. I was wondering what size you bought for
    yourself as I would like to purchase one for my boyfriend but not sure
    about whether to go for M or L. Was that your UP being opened up? Did you
    feel the medium was a good fit? I originally bought a medium for myself
    (after measuring my wrist at 15.5cm) because the website recommend it for
    wrists 15.5cm to 18cm. I found it would slide down my arm and not stay in
    place so I exchanged it for a small and am much happier with how secure it
    feels. Anyway, just wondering about your wrist size and UP size for
    comparison. Thanks in advance! ?

  15. fj doria

    I wish the newest version “Up 24” was on Andriod. Only on IOS. ?

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