Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer, Gray

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Every step you take is in the directon of a healthier lifestyle, so why not find out how many steps you are taking each day with Omron’s Alvita Ultimate Pedometer (HJ-329).

Replacing the popular HJ-112, the small and lightweight Alvita Ultimate features Omron’s validated Tri-Axis Technology allowing you to keep it in your pocket or purse and still get an accurate step count, while also offering the traditional option of wearing it on your hip with the enclosed holder.

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Tri-Axis Technology

Omron’s validated tri-axis technology increases accuracy and allows you to wear the pedometer where it’s most comfortable. The unit accurately counts almost anywhere you want to put it.

Place the pedometer in the upper front pocket of your clothing, in the front pocket of your pants, in a bag, or attach it to your belt or pants with the enclosed holder. Includes a strap and clip to prevent loss.

Lightweight & Simple to Operate

A light weight pedometer at .8 oz, it includes a large display and buttons for easy operation. No tools required to replace/remove battery, simply slide the lock on the back to remove the battery cover.

What’s in the Box?

Pedometer, battery, holder, strap with clip and instruction manual.

Four Activity Modes

The Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer keeps a precise count of your daily activity level measuring the distance you’ve traveled and the calories burned. With up to 7 days of activity viewable on the display, you’ll have an up to the minute look at your progress.

  • Counts steps and distance walked daily and automatically resets at midnight so you can start each day with a clean slate
  • Aerobic –“brisk” – steps feature allows you to elevate your walk to a workout by counting steps separately when walking more than 60 steps per minute and more than 10 minutes continuously
  • By measuring the intensity of your activity, the unit can calculate the amount of calories burned
  • To view various measurements, simply press the walk button.

Auto Stride for Easy Set Up

The Alvita Ultimate contains a feature to calculate your walking stride which makes set-up a breeze. Based on your height and weight inputs, the pedometer will automatically suggest your stride length. You can also calculate your own stride and and input it yourself.

To calculate your stride:

  1. Walk 10 steps with your normal stride as illustrated below.
  2. Measure the distance from START to END in inches.
  3. Calculate your stride length by dividing the total distance by 10.

Example: Total distance = 320″
320 ÷ 10 = 32 inches (2 feet 8 inches)

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Model Number Alvita
Alvita Optimized
Alvita Ultimate
Alvita USB
Features and Benefits
Acceleration Sensor Tri-Axis Tri-Axis Tri-Axis Tri-Axis
Steps ? ? ? ?
Memory 7-day 7-day 7-day 7-day
Clock ? ? ? ?
Auto Reset at Midnight ? ? ? ?
Distance ? ? ? ?
Calories Burned ? ? ?
Aerobic Steps ? ? ?
Steps per Minute ? ?
Online Web Based Solution ?
Days of Activity Stored 22
Other Information
Battery ? ? ? ?
Holder ? ? ? ?
Strap with Clip ? ?

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Customer Reviews

88 of 93 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars
Great design features, but poor accuracy, March 30, 2014
doctor_beth “doctor_beth” (Upstate NY USA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer, Gray (Health and Beauty)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
I was excited to try this new Alvita pedometer from Omron. The Alvita is billed as a “replacement” for Omron’s HJ-112 Pedometer, the model I have worn daily since August 2008, so I was hopeful that this new pedometer would be an improved version of my current HJ-112.

When I received the Alvita pedometer, I was thrilled to discover several great upgrades off the bat. First, it is a bit smaller than my current pedometer (the clunky size is one of the things that I don’t like about the HJ-112). Second, instead of the HJ-112’s bulky separate clip, the Alvita has a built-in clip plus a streamlined rubber case–sort of like a bumper–to protect the unit. A final, brilliant upgrade is the simple, sliding locking mechanism to open and close the battery case–no screwdriver required! (Plus, the Altiva uses the same type of battery as my current unit, the CR-2032, which is nice.)

The Altiva setup was slightly different than with my old pedometer, as the buttons are a bit different, but it is quite simple. You are asked to input your weight, height, stride length (the brief manual offers instructions for determining this), and time of day; you also put in your measurement preferences (e.g., pounds versus kilograms). Once you have put in the basic settings, the pedometer shows a display of current steps with the time of day underneath. However, after a period of time with no activity, the display goes blank to save battery power (more on this later).

The other functions of the Altiva are exactly the same as the HJ-112 model. In addition to steps, it records miles traveled, calories burned, and aerobic steps. At midnight, all four points of data reset to zero, but the pedometer saves data for the past seven days, a feature that I’ve found very useful.

To test the accuracy of this unit, I wore it together with my HJ-112 for several days. On Day 1, the Altiva came up 127 steps less than my old pedometer. There was an even wider gap on Day 2, with a difference of -346. The third day was only slightly better than this, with the new pedometer being down -324. After the fourth day of this experiment, I finally gave up, as the Altiva recorded a whopping 1117 less than my HJ-112.

I’ve always found the HJ-112 to be pretty reliable; if anything, I’ve thought that it might slightly UNDERcount steps. Clearly, the Altiva’s accuracy was way off. It was almost as if it shut down when the display went off–obviously, this doesn’t make any sense, but I have no other explanation. I’m very disappointed, as I really was happy with the overall features and performance of this new pedometer, and I was hoping to adopt it for full-time use. Given the accuracy issues, however, I cannot recommend it, and my final rating would be 2 1/2 stars.


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49 of 56 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Good iteration of a trusted design, March 25, 2014
The Amazon Shopper (New York) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer, Gray (Health and Beauty)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
I used an Omron pedometer many years ago to help me train for marathon. Since that time I have moved on and tried newer cutting edge technology. From Nike+ in my iPod, to GPS app in my phone, to having a GPS wrist watch, I liked them all, but I’ve stopped using them all. They got me more data when they worked, but for the hassle they generate, the reliability issue was annoying.

Now that I have had an opportunity to try this new Pedometer, I see that Omron has made the device sleeker. This new form factor is great. It’s regular in shape (the one I used to have looked like a shield), it’s smaller, and although thicker, this fits better in my jeans pocket. The clip attachment is a very soft rubber, which I feel just give it a great touch. The buttons are nicer, and the overall polish is a definite improvement.

The setup puzzled me a little bit on startup. I pushed a button and couldn’t figure out how to get back. You just have to finish setting everything, and then go back to change the setting you did wrong.

My biggest gripe is that this device turns off its display completely after a few minutes. This, the manual explains, is to help save battery. I mean, yes, it’s annoying to pick up your pedometer one day and find out it’s out of juice, so having longer battery life is good. But when the display is off completely, it makes me wonder if it’s working at all! Also this prevents you from just glancing at your progress. Pushing the buttons (e.g. to activate the display) makes a very audible click so you can’t discretely check your progress.

Otherwise, it’s a good device, and I recommend it.


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19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars
OK But Not As Accurate As Others We Own, March 31, 2014
USMC Combat Vet “Retired!” (Oceanside, California) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer, Gray (Health and Beauty)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
This makes 3 pedometers we now own. a fourth finally died (but was 20 years old). They get prettier, more stylish but in THIS case, not any more accurate which is the entire purpose. Of all out units we find our trusty Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer the most favored overall. Most accurate, price is right and it is the most comfortable to wear & set up.

This works OK but has shown us somewhat erratic results and I simply don’t trust it, or I should say my wife doesn’t, I can’t really walk anymore due to spinal injuries. We have taken accuracy checks to the point of actually also wearing a portable eTrex personal GPS for comparison. I use that on my electric 4 wheel mobility scooter. In the end, they ALL do a reasonable job to motivate you and maybe that is the real plus and most useful feature in the end. We have owned 4, they ALL work and while one day one seems better than the other, they ultimately ALL seem to have "bad days" as it were. I would recommend buying what looks best to you and fits your budget, has decent reviews. Most of all, be GRATEFUL you are ABLE to walk:-)


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