Rep 6-digit Programmable Interval Timer for CrossFit and MMA – 4 inch High Numbers

*NEW* Version 4! The Rep Timer is a 6-digit programmable interval timer with custom features specifically programmed by Rep Fitness to maximize its usefulness for CrossFit, MMA, and interval work. Interval Timer Features Bright, clear 4″ LED lights that can be seen from 100+ yds away Strong remote works from 50+ feet away Clock mode

New Balance Interval Training CircuitTRNr Stopwatch

The CircuitTRNr is the perfect stopwatch for high-intensity training. It allows the user to easily set multiple countdown times and signals interval transitions with audible alerts. $ 16.97 Customer Reviews Do not purchase this watch – it is cheap and there’s reasons why, February 9, 2015 By  Scooter – See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What’s

Interval Workout Timer TMR05B – MMA, HIIT, Boxing, Wrestling, Martial Arts, Fitness, HIIT, Endurance, Weight Lifting

Interval Workout Timer is a TRUE interval timer. It allows timing of boxing, wrestling or any martial and fitness activities as well as any other interval training. It lets you set up rest time, workout time and number of intervals – up to 59 intervals (rounds). The timer is easy to set up and operate.