Fit-Meter WP-806 – 3D Digital Pocket Pedometer with Smart Tri-Axis Technology – Multi-Function with Steps, Distance, Speed, Time & Calories Burned – Helps Men, Women and Kids Track Activity & Get Fit by Walking – Lifetime Warranty

THE SECRET TO GETTING FIT IS TO TRACK YOUR ACTIVITY The Fit-Meter Tri-Axis Pedometer is the Most Effective Way to Track Your Activity We are all in search of ways to stay fit or lose weight… and staying active is the best way to accomplish both, but without goals and ways to track your progress

iChoice Star Bluetooth Low Energy Activity Tracker with BMI Management,Tracking Steps,Distance,Calories Burned,Fat Burned Functions

Fitness means eat smarter,sleep well,and exercise-iChoice Star helps you do all three. During the day,iChoice star tracks your steps,distance,calories burned,fat burned.Create a Food Plan to eat smarter.Before you know it,you will have a complete chart of your progress. During sleep time,iChoice Star will change into the sleep mode,it records the time you slept and woke