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Why wait for the new year to set fitness goals when the Suunto Women’s M5 Heart Rate Monitor With Movestick is ready, willing, and able right now? This wristy little task-master lets both first-timers and hardcore heart-rate enthusiasts keep their fingers (watch) on the pulse of their workouts. Three different modes let you be completely plugged in to a guided routine or take a less structured approach to your daily exercise efforts. The Movestick gives you downloading dominance to Movescount. com to track and analyze your output, either on a Mac or PC. Wrap your chest in the Dual Comfort belt and let the M5 pick up the digital ANT signal for an immediate and accurate heat rate. If you’ve entered your weight, this techy timepiece tracks calories (just in case your goal is to burn enough to justify another G&T or a few extra cheesy fries). The watch will hold up to 4 weeks of workouts, and offer weekly adjustments to your sweat-time to keep your goals within reach. When you’re struggling, the M5 knows how to keep you going with motivational messages. You’re tabulating your efforts, calories crushed, and heart rate, but what about making your meetings on time? The M5 gives you 12/24-hour time tracking, a calendar, and one daily alarm. An alert gives you a heads-up when the battery is running low, and unlike other monitors, you can replace the battery when it finally dies. The electro-luminescent lights up the dot-matrix display for easy reading whether your exercise habits are adapted for Dracula or not.

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3.0 out of 5 stars
Black M5- Poor visibility in low light conditions, exchanged for white., August 16, 2010
Oil Boiler (Baton Rouge) – See all my reviews

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
I ordered the black model M5 and was very pleased with the watch except that I found the negative display ( white numbers on black background ) to be very difficult to see at dusk or in any low light conditions. It is not nearly as bright as the product photos show except at high noon sun. If you exercise mostly during full sun, it’s very readable, in fact probably less glare than the white face. Consider your exercise venue before you order. Could be my eyes, but after searching other forums on negative faces, I’m not alone. I wound up exchanging the black face for 2 white face women’s M5s. I was concerned about the women’s band on my wrist, but it still fit with a hole or 2 to spare. Trinow fitness was very helpful and I got them next day. The watch bodies are the same, so if I really decide I want the man’s band, I’ll order one, but don’t see the need right now.

If you’re looking for a training aid to get you on track, this is it. I ordered the foot pod and bike pod and they both connected flawlessly and are pretty accurate when checked on a known distance. The chest strap is the most comfortable I have tried and it also links up quickly. We’ve been using them for about 3 weeks and so far I’m still very satisfied. We were hit or miss with our exercise routine, but the M5 takes the guesswork out and keeps you on track. You really need to maintain your heart rate at a training level for the correct amount of time to get a full workout, and the M5 has helped us do that. A big plus is all the devices use a user-replacable, common watch battery. Remember that Suunto is currenlty offering a free Movestick interface with the M5 & M4, so if you buy, log on to their site and print out the rebate form. Waiting on delivery of ours as of today 8/16/10. It allows you to upload and store your training logs. I’ll post a followup review in about a month.

UPDATE 1/28/11
I had to downgrade my review mainly because the software ( Movescount ) is pretty dismal when used with the M5. It’s mostly a social networking tool that misses even simple tools like plotting your current fitness position versus your goals. If you want to help Suunto design a Beta quality attempt at fitness software , you’ll love it. Not very intuitive.
Some points I have learned:
1. The foot POD and bike POD are fixed in their calibration with the M5. It’s close, but if you’re expecting a cycle computer , you’re out of luck.
2. The chest strap is the most comfortable I’ve worn and stays wirelessly connected to the watch pretty well.
3. If you should happen to fall off your excercise plan over a certain # of days, the watch will keep repeating the same day. Suunto’s way to fix it, reprogram it to a lower level and the restart at the bottom of the level you were at.
4. If you really need athlete quality reporting. This watch is not for you. It’s also not 0.
5. Still like the watch. It will keep you on track. For someone trying to get in cardio shape, it’s a good tool.
6. I paid 9 for mine. The price today is an indication that it’s not exactly flying off the shelves. I would wager you will see this watch settle in at about 5 or a little less.
7. The PC POD does connect flawlessly and tranfers data with no problem.
8. The standard watch battery is a good idea and battery life has been very good.
9. So…..Buy the watch and enjoy it, it has surely helped improve my cardio fitness. At present, don’t bother with the PC POD unless you like social networking more than fitness tracking.


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2.0 out of 5 stars
Suunto M5, May 10, 2013
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
The watch is comfortable, with a large display screen, making it easy to see the time.
Initially the watch is confusing to operate, however with practice it becomes second nature.

When in exercise mode, measuring your heart rate if you’re not running, but doing strength exercises such as push ups and pull ups etc. the movement of your wrists against the buttons generally turns the exercise mode off. This is a disappointing feature.

Whilst running, there is no feature for the watch to take lap times, a basic functionality I assumed the watch has.

Further to this, the watch does not contain a stop watch unless you enter the exercise mode. Another feature I find quite disappointing.

The application suunto uses ( is extremely basic, with minimal functionality. One may as well not use it.

However, when entering exercise mode, ones heart rate is picked up relatively quickly and I believe it to work quite accurately.

Overall this watch is extremely basic. It does what you need it to do – Tell the time, monitor your heart rate, and times your exercise duration.

If you’re new to heart rate monitors and are seeking a basic heart rate monitor, I would recommend this watch, however for the same price I’m sure you can get better watches with more functionality.


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3.0 out of 5 stars
Mixed Feelings, January 5, 2011
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
I’ll start my review by saying I’ve never owned any other heart rate monitor…that being said…

I bought the monitor because I started a workout program to lose weight. I wanted to monitor my heart rate and improve my performance over time. I’ve owned it and worn it almost daily for the past two months. It’s been with me walking to work, at the gym, cycling, skiing, etc.

Here’s why I have mixed feelings. My biggest complaint is at times, it’s tough to get a good heart rate reading. I’ve tried applying water to the pads, lotion to the pads, gelly to the pads, and I’ve even followed the picture in the instruction pamphlet by putting the pads under running water before putting the chest belt on. When first starting out, trying to get an accurate and consistent heart rate can be a terrible experience. You end up loosening the belt, tightening the belt, moving the sensor up, moving the sensor down, etc. in order to get it to read on the watch. It’s not like you can start your workout when you want to – if you want to use the monitor, you have to get the thing to pick up your heart rate accurately and consistently which leads to delays – often 5 – 10 minutes of shuffling around to get things to work.

Sometimes the monitor is inconsistent in readings. I’ve had instances where the monitor will say my heart rate is 128 when I can manually feel it’s actually 64 (and I’m at rest). The dual pickups double up sometimes. At other times, when bending over, doing situps, weight lifting, etc., the sensors will stop picking up your heart rate and it appears, a calculation is done internally to guesstimate how many calories you’ve burned. It can be very frustrating.

The small complaints include the “hard to see in the dark” points others have made. The light on watch flashes when you press it – I’m sure that’s to extend battery life. The online “community” that Suunto put together for keeping track of your fitness and goals leaves a bit to be desired. Sure there are “groups” you can join but there is no search functionality to find the groups – you have to scroll down an International List.

I’ll probably keep using it until it dies, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it to a friend or buy another one.


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