1. JikaInFamous

    sad part is smart watches and a few apps and cheaper price destroy this
    product. ?

  2. mike boots

    nul ! il faut plus de 15 min pour trouver le gps et parfois 45 min sans
    quoi la montre ne marche pas.
    la solution tomtom, faire une réinitialisation total ( super chiant a faire
    ) apres sa marche 2 semaines et recommencer !!! ( re-super chiant )
    200€ pour cette montre de m….. je suis vraiment très déçu de mon achat !?

  3. feelit00

    what they don’t say loud and clear is that it does not measure heart rate
    whilst swimming, so if you are a swimmer like me….. you will be
    disappointed. have to say its the first thing you find out once you have
    bought the watch….. there goes the money again. also the app for iphone
    is not available in most countries. otherwise its a great watch….?

  4. PM

    anybody knows a watch that I can use to take to the water (surfing) and
    that can trace distance and time when I run? Without getting me broke :/
    max I can give is 120€

    I don’t need the tides thingy. ?

  5. Gustavo Oliveira

    This commercial kicks ass…you can do open water swimming, but you need to
    put into running more and let it go. It is not as accurate but it works
    fairly good (if you are not so picky about precision).?

  6. Ryan Yepsen

    Customer Service Warning:

    I went ahead and picked up the Multisport. Though the training part has
    been fine, the watch refuses to connect to my phone (a feature I was quite
    looking forward to). Through this process, their customer service has been
    abysmal–calls not returned, refusal to admit there was a problem at all,
    etc. Finally, a month after my first call and after several weeks of
    emailing, they admit the watch needs replacing…. I take my time, debating
    if it’s worth it, and finally call in to replace it only to be told I must
    send in my watch first before I get a new working watch.

    To me, this is appalling customer service: I use this watch daily for
    training. You already inconvenienced me with a defective watch and now you
    are going to make me jump through hurdles of inconvenience to fix the
    problems with your product. Poor customer service all around. I will
    continue to use my watch, syncing manually by hardwiring into my laptop.
    This is fine, I still get the the core functionality and the data, but I
    will be upgrading to a Garmin first thing next year.


    Sorry for that, needed to vent. Get a Garmin.?

  7. TomTom Official

    Introducing the new TomTom Multi-Sport GPS watch. All the information you
    need to achieve your multi-sport training goals. See your detailed running,
    cycling, and swimming metrics – at a glance.

    TomTom Multi-Sport GPS watch?

  8. Robert Devilee

    Looks very nice, I wonder about the price, any ideas +TomTom Official ?

  9. Gustav Henningsson

    Does the TomTom Runner have a simple stopwatch function so I can see the
    time I’ve been running?

  10. TomTom Official

    Heart rate monitor will be available as an accessory for the watch..

  11. Carol-Ann McManiman

    I’m from Canada, when this watch will be available in Canada? thanks

  12. xplicit1992

    Hello TomTom. Will it be possible to change the color of the watch in the
    future? Thanks :-).

  13. Laurent Eymard

    looks like tomtom included all the features one could expect from a
    sportwatch WOW !

  14. Vincent Arjan van Vessem

    Does it also work with the standard tomtom app?

  15. TomTom Official

    We are definitely looking into this. At this point of time it’s still not
    clear if it will be included in the first software release, so stay tuned
    to learn more about the matter later! Greetings!

  16. alekya akki

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