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  1. I NEED DAT.?

  2. What’s shocking is how I’ve only heard of this now, in late 2013 when there
    is an huge influx of fitness trackers. The marketing must be woefully lame
    as I only found this out threw a ted talk. Not via amazon or any tech

  3. I think I’ll get one after reading how addicting it gets! I love the idea
    of steps working as currency in game and the motivation aspect is the big
    differentiator between other pedometers. I also really like how large it
    is. You will notice if you forget it. I’ve lost the fitbit ultra twice…
    Other pedometers you have to challenge yourself, but this will challenge
    you all by itself. Great!?

  4. that is so cool

  5. I want this thing so badly…but I already have the iPhone app and just
    can’t justify the $100. Awesome video man! Really appreciate it.

  6. I absolutely love Striiv. It’s really addicting to beat your previous
    bests. I seriously walk thousands of extra steps a day just to build in
    myland! You are constantly competing against others but the goals are
    easily within reach and make it even more fun to do 100 steps here, or 30

  7. would you reccomend this? Are you still carrying it with you everday?

  8. >.<" I couldn't resist. I just purchased one on ebay lol. I know I have the phone app, but I just LOVE little gadgets and getting new toys haha. Plus this pedometer has several features the phone app doesn't have such as races vs. A.I. and the charities. Can't wait to get it! I'm thinking of picking one up for a friend as well...would be great to start walking with her.

  9. Lucy Hanouille March 14, 2015 at 1:13 am

    I have one – I highly recommend it. You can also get Striiv as an iPhone
    app. It does not have the races or the donations yet but it does let you
    play MyLand.

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