1. Eddie Rourk

    Crappy review. When Samsung creates a device in an untapped market it’s
    “useless”. When Apple try it, reviewers can’t wait to say how much of an
    innovation it is.

    Weak, biased, review by Mr Eyebrows.


  2. Lord Kittens McTavish

    It’s hilarious watching someone with one of those iTrashcan desktops
    talking about how there’s “better options” out there. Give me a break. ?

  3. Ameerun Nessa

    I think il stick with the moto 360 ._.
    What’s the point calling it gear fit when it doesn’t jeep track of accurate
    reading? ?

  4. kingcalvin2012

    Wth is wrong with this clown. This is the worst review I’ve seen in a
    while. ?

  5. TheMrturn1

    A terrible and incipient case of Chronic Douche Brow.

    Someday mankind will conquer this insidious disease which is ravaging our
    youth. In the meantime we need your charity dollars and video dislikes to
    combat this syndrome running rampant on our video sites.?

  6. ThePeddle

    200 was too much I got it today at Future shop for 75..so far I think it’s

  7. KiidHunter

    I wish people can stop asking where Aaron is already. Good video?

  8. Corbin Crutchley

    This doesn’t run Tizen. It runs a proprietary OS made for Gear Fit alone –
    this allows for better battery life?

  9. Don Gaspar

    good review but breathing once in a while would make talking bit easier :)?

  10. Isaac Abraham

    Why are you sleeping with it? It’s Bluetooth… You do know prolonged
    exposure is dangerous, right??

  11. NuMindzGang

    Why does this guy keep doing the people’s eyebrow the whole video? You are
    not The Rock?

  12. superpiff420

    He says most of its functions are fitness related no shit and why would you
    need to worry about it lasting two days its not intended to replace your
    smartphone atleast at this point in time?

  13. Aaron Joshua Turrioni

    He is talking shit ……the gear fit is supposed to be a fitness companion
    so why are u looking for a smart functions? If u want smart function go for
    the gear 2 idiot!!! And for ur info the reason why it last only 2 days is
    because it has a coloured screen!!! Not just some ink display or led little
    lights blinking on ur eyeballs….duhhh….watta dumb reviewer?

  14. Christiaan Kriel

    I’ve been using the Gear Fit for about 60 hours now and battery lever is
    still at 45%. Also, heart rate monitor has worked every single time without
    the need to “push it down on your skin”. I find this review inaccurate
    without the reviewer open minded to the use case… I am still a watch
    wearer 🙂 and therefore being able to use this as a watch and a fitness
    tracker is enough reason for it. Add to this that I’m able to get some
    notifications on it is just a bonus. There are many products with specific
    use cases and although it might not fit perfectly into the reviewer’ use
    case it open mindedness should be the order of the day for Phonedog ?

  15. Aero

    moto 360 looks like the most promising, but we’ll have to see what apple
    does with the iWatch?

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