1. mrcurious21

    Really you charge it will taken a bath and charging time is 60mins that’s
    quite a long bath…. Lol?

  2. I Found Fido

    If this also gave me alerts from my iPhone by vibrating id buy it in a

  3. austin poo

    I bought 6 of this Pivotal bands as Christmas gifts to family members.
    None of them work. Three out of six bands broken (stop syncing to phone
    app.) after 1 week of normal usage. Just to be clear Normal usage equal no
    water damage or abuse to this band.?

  4. Johnny Li

    You forgot to mention there isn’t an Android app to use with the band. I
    canceled my preorder so hopefully they’ll release the Android app soon. ?


    So sick of all this Band shit,try actually writing down something.?

  6. UnboxSurge

    NOOOO!!! It’s sold out on amazon, also its 15$ on amazon that is.?

  7. Nyle Omar

    Check out this video on YouTube:nice a $12 Activity Tracker this is a great

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