1. shockerracing

    When using it with the Heart Rate Monitor does it display heart rate in
    real time or only the average at the end of a workout?

  2. Joseph Tufts


  3. MrKeys57

    ok.i have the Nike now,and after update of firmware there is a stopwatch,
    very nice watch! Use it as a everyday watch.

  4. Cerberus

    The GPS is in the watch, so you only need the Heart-rate-monitor strap.
    When I looked up the price at nike’s own online store it costed $69,95.

  5. bennymorry

    You see your heart rate in real time while running, and then the average at
    the end of your run.

  6. jaycido1

    How much is the Polar strap? Cause I’m wondering if I should buy this one
    or a Polar watch… The Polar are usually expensive, and if you want the
    GPS the price is even higher! Thanks!

  7. YoungRivas123

    is the screen suppose to be sensitive cus i have to almost put alot of
    power in my touch when i do iot

  8. zoogandbuff

    can you turn off the beeping tone when you push the buttons?

  9. raamby505

    @eedora hey i was just wondering how much time does the battery last until
    it needs to get recharged ???

  10. John Kang

    I have got a nike sportwatch, but how do you delete running history?

  11. Isaac Pacheco

    Bad watch. Worst investment ever. You are better off with a garmin watch,
    you have been warned.

  12. Cerberus

    It cannot be charged in a wall output on it’s own. But if you purchase a
    USB-charging-thingy like the ones most smartphones use, then you can plug
    your watch into it and charge it in a regular output.

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