1. Connie Dawson

    I love all of the features with the fuel band! It would be nice if it
    tracked biking better, but I put it on my ankle and it tracks it that way.
    My husband clips it to his shoe, so at least we are able to get some of the
    points from biking!?

  2. sergio dupuy

    I got the fuelband SE. For free:) after my 1st generation fuelband stopped
    working they just upgraded me:) great day! ?

  3. Bair Kothmann

    Do you recommend getting this or the up band? Or maybe wait for the apple
    watch? Thanks!?

  4. roughnotes00

    Hi, what watch are you wearing in the video? The one with the orange strap?
    Could you share the brand and model name? Thank you.?

  5. Rose Mackenzie

    Will you collect fuel if your being active and it’s turned off or do you
    have to press the button and run around for it to work??

  6. Mitch Jonhson

    for track your workout do u need to have the iphone bluetooth always on or
    u can track ur workout when un finish? and set a goal in the iphone
    connect the fuel band and turn off the bluetooth and the fuel band will now
    has the goal.?

  7. briansclips

    How far can you bend the fuelband? I have one, I just don’t want to screw
    it up if I bend it too far…?

  8. Kirill Holstov

    It would be nice to see a comparison between fuelband se and fitbit force!
    You did a good review btw.?

  9. habibjaffer08

    You missed that the lights are on top and not bottom?

  10. alwayzsic

    My Nike fuel band has stop working!!!i only had it for 4 months!!!?

  11. Bushra Alloush

    The only problem is its clips, it’s becoming loose by days, 1st gen babd
    fell out of my hand, so I replaced it by se band, it’s still good until

  12. mastergamer591

    There is barley anything new except the colour…….?

  13. xSakiSenpai

    I honestly want to know too if someone has used this in a pool and it
    survived. ?

  14. Robert Szekely

    Isn’t the red’s one screen in reverse?? The other one has the button on the
    other side, and also in others that i’ve seen the green to red dots were on
    the bottom of the screen.?

  15. Laverne B

    I downgraded back to the 1st Gen Fuel Band bc the SE will only work with
    ITOUCH 5th Gen or higher and it seems I will only be w/out the sessions

  16. Eqvil

    The only complaint I have is that color is not “crimson”. It’s plain
    orange. Who is Nike trying to fool??

  17. 666Baraka

    Do you need a lap top to use / set up the band or can u do it all through

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