New Balance Watches NX990 GPS Cardio Trainer Watch

Use the New Balance NX990 GPS Cardio Trainer Watch as your own personal trainer to optimize your workout to exact specifications. While you’re running a few miles around the city, the NX990 will be busy going to space and back continuously.Satellite-based navigational technology (GPS) with 10 paths and 99 waypoints per path 3 navigational modes: waypoint, forward, and backward 48,170 track points stored  360 degree range with 1 degree of resolution Digital compass calibration, adjustable declination, and cardinal north indicator Monitors speed, distance, and pace 2.4 GHz digitally coded chest strap included ECG-accurate continuous heart-rate monitoring Heart rate zone alert  100 hour-range chronograph with resolution to 1/100th of a second 12,000 laps/splits Memory stores up to 120 runs Auto lap records automatically at user-set distance 5 daily alarms, dual time zone in 12- or 24-hour format Easy-to-use PC software 5 customizable watch profile displays Displays in metric or imperial standards EL backlight or Smart EL backlight system Water-resistant to 10 meters Battery is rechargeable via included USB cable Chest strap battery is user replaceable

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4.0 out of 5 stars
Great training watch with GPS, September 1, 2013
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
I’ve been using this watch for about two weeks and am very satisfied. I was looking for a training watch with both heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking. If a watch has GPS tracking, I also believe it should be able to display your location rather than having to transfer the information to your phone or computer. This watch does everything I wanted for a very reasonable price. The other watches that I researched with the same functions were at least 0 more.
From day one the heart rate monitor has worked flawlessly. The chest strap is comfortable and the watch reads the signal as soon as you turn it on. The GPS receiver also works very quickly. At most it takes 4-5 minutes to acquire enough satellites for a position and that is after flying cross country. If you are in the same city or town each day, it locks on within seconds.
Some reviewers have commented on the complex menu system. It does require a lot of button presses, but after a few days I could navigate the menus from memory. The display also lacks brightness. It is definitely not as easy to read as the picture shown on the website. I’ve tried adjusting the contrast, but it does not help. Finally, the USB cable clamps onto the watch and must contact four points on the back of the watch. The connection is a little sensitive, but still very easy to use.
Overall, I am very satisfied. I did not give it five stars because of the minor drawbacks that I mentioned.


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5.0 out of 5 stars
Good pulse watch with nifty GPS features, January 14, 2013
Geoffrey W. (Baltimore, MD) – See all my reviews

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
I’ve tried several different pulse watches and often they have problems with the chest strap transmitting a signal to the watch. This one rarely has that problem. Plus the GPS features and compass seem to work very well. It is true that the instructions for setting waypoints, etc., seem very long and complicated initially. But if you follow the detailed instructions carefully they all seem to work and make sense so they’re easy to remember. And it’s an unusually cool looking watch.


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2.0 out of 5 stars
Cardio Trainer with Spotty HR Recording, March 26, 2014
Einnob L. “birdsong” (North of Seattle, WA USA) – See all my reviews

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
Originally I was pleased, I setup the watch and application without issue. I’ve had the watch about a month and a half.

Unfortunately since then I’ve been disappointed. I’ve been hoping it was me more than the watch, but I’m beginning to think not.

I workout 5 days a week – cycling, Zumba, weight training — some days multiple workouts. I’ve wanted to see where I was at fitness-wise with HR functions and figured I’d use the GPS later for cycling outside, trail running, hiking and the like.

But, there have been issues that have reduced my rating from a 3 or possibly 4 to a 2. Here they are:

1) Poor display contrast
Don’t be fooled by the photos in ads. The watch contrast is so poor that you have to have light shining directly on the face to be able to read it. Using the backlight fails to make it more readable.
I’ve resorted to simply looking for the pulsing heart to see if the heart rate is being picked up and for a flickering display for time to see that it’s started. Thank goodness for the "Start" and "Stop" displays as they are more readily seen on the display.

2) HR fails to record
Having never used a monitor before, I first believed the problem was me. Now I’m not so sure that’s the case.
I wear the chest strap snugly after wetting the contacts for a hopefully better transmission. No clothing between it and skin.
To ensure I get HR (or try to) I have it set to always ON so when I start a workout, it should record. Then I look for the pulsing heart. Perhaps 1 of 4 workouts records HR — very poor performance.
This is particularly frustrating when hoping to compare effort at the end of a hard workout. Today was a prime example — a hard cycling workout and only the workout time was recorded. No HR even though the HR display showed a pulsing heart.

3) Application for Workout Data is not particularly well designed
I’ve developed desktop and web software and this is rather clunky. The interface appears to be written in 1990s era Visual Basic. The display sections aren’t resizable so you have to scroll to view all of the information in the lower left panel (for example max and average HR). Also while you can tag a workout as ‘Cycling’ or ‘Weight Training’ (or whatever you like), you cannot view multiple types at once. So the calendar will only show one type of workout at a time.

4) Workout downloads are finicky
It seems that a watch which uses something like Bluetooth for passing HR data would use the same protocol to pass workout data to the computer. But I suppose since USB is what allows the rechargeable battery to charge that it made some sense to use it for downloading workout data and updating watch settings/firmware. Still, the USB cable connection seems rather picky and often requires re-inserting the USB, pin clip (to the watch), and sometimes restarting the app to get the data to download.

5) GPS signal is often lost
This may be a location thing, but it seems to lose the GPS in my location daily. I’m not in the mountains and the watch typically is by a window, even so it loses the signal.
This was particularly frustrating as I figured I should be able to use GPS and longitudinal data to determine the correct time of day. Well, it didn’t work. I found myself re-setting the time every morning. Finally I just set the watch to manual for time and gave up on having it automatically update.

I can get along with most of the problems above, but the one that is the most frustrating is the failure to record HR data. At this point I’m starting to wonder if the watch needs to be returned and I need to seek out a better, more robust model (and shell out the $$ for it).

It just may be that New Balance needs to keep it’s focus on shoes instead of electronics.


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