MIO MIO Drive + Petite Heart Rate Monitor Watch – Black

The MIO Drive + Petite Heart Rate Monitor Watch – Black is a smaller model of the standard MIO Drive Monitor, and offers all the same features and benefits, just in a smaller package. This device is a perfect companion for fitness enthusiasts and lets you maximize your workouts with a precise monitoring of your heart rate. It offers features such as percentage of maximum heart rate based on age and gender, resting heart rate, calories burned, and the MIO’s 3,500 Calorie Countdown. It also features a backlit display, daily alarm, and offers count-up, countdown, warm-up, and repeat timers. It’s water resistant up to 30 meters and uses replaceable batteries. Manufacturer’s warranty included – see product guarantee for details. About MIO MIO is the world’s first ECG Accurate Strapless Heart Rate Monitor, giving you the freedom to check your heart rate whenever and wherever you want. MIO makes it easy to monitor your heart rate throughout the day as well as while exercising. No more chest straps! Just accurate and easy-to-understand biofeedback to keep you informed and in tune with your body. MIO’s motto: Move. Measure. Motivate. ECG-accurate heart rate without a chest strap. Includes 5 exercise timers. Smart Touch ergonomic sensor technology. Includes alarm and backlit display. Utilizes MIO’s 3,500 Calorie Countdown. Dimensions: 9.5L x 1.25W x .5H inches.

$ 79.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars
Decent watch HRM, July 30, 2011
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I’ve owned the watch for about 1 month. I primarily bought this to keep track of my calories burned during at-home exercise videos. It works well for that purpose, since I’m able to stop for a couple seconds and take a reading. I also like that it’s made for small wrists. My wrist measures about 6 inches around, and I wear it on the 4th smallest hole– so there’s plenty of room for a smaller wrist or one that’s around 7-1/2″.

If you read the instruction manual, it outlines all the features and how to use the watch very well. I had read other reviews where people complained about the functions not working properly, and I would assume it’s b/c they didn’t take the time to actually read the instructions on how to use the thing. I like the watch a lot for what I bought it for, and will continue to use it. It might not be the most accurate, and probably wouldn’t work well for someone that’s running (can’t stop to take a reading), but for the price I like it and I was trying to avoid the chest strap HRM. I would recommend it to someone wanting to use it for similar purposes as me.


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84 of 85 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars
Useful for those new to fitness or avid walkers, but not for runners, March 23, 2012
Andrea Polk (Pacific Northwest – USA) – See all my reviews

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I received the Mio Drive Special Edition Petite Women’s Heart Rate Monitor watch from the Amazon Vine to review, and share my impressions. Being a frequent (2-4x’s a week) weights and cardio fitness-type, I’ve used the Polar RS300X SD Heart Rate Monitor Watch with S1 Foot Pod (Black) for over a year – finding it to be accurate and easy to read, but very large and a heart rate monitor strap is required for readings. Thus the petite size of the Mio and no need for a strap, was great!

The size: about 1.5″ across with an attached strap that seamlessly flows from the watch and narrows to the buckle. If the strap breaks – you can’t replace it. A negative, but also common with heart rate watches. The Polar is the same way.

My wrists are 5.5″ around – very small. Wearing the Mio I have 1 hole left to cinch down the watch, leading me to believe that women or men (there’s a setting for Male or Female on the watch settings) with small wrists of 7″ to 5.25″ in diameter will be able to wear this watch comfortably.

The functions of the watch are pretty basic, but certainly more than the average watch and just enough to keep those whose goal is weight loss happy. The display is easy to read and has a light if needed.

A timer, alarm and the ability to check how many calories you have burned is helpful. The heart rate function also displays the percentage of your maximum heart rate – calculated based upon your gender, age and weight which you enter when setting up the watch.

To check your heart rate you have to hold both middle buttons on either side of the face of the watch at the same time, and wait 5-7 seconds for a reading. You really have to press hard on the buttons to make the function work, and the back of the watch has to be flush to your skin with a fairly tight contact to get a reading.

The readings I received I compared to both my Polar heart rate watch which has a chest strap, and then with the handheld monitors on the local gym equipment. The Mio Drive Petite heart rate watch was accurate to within 20% of the other two reading which were almost identical, leading me to believe the Mio isn’t quite as accurate and probably due to the variable contact with the skin of my wrist.

To get the best contact I had to cinch the watch band down quite tight, and that was uncomfortable. I also could not check my pulse while running – very awkward and took too long – making this watch a poor choice for runners in my opinion.

I think this watch is a good choice for anyone who wants to get a quick check of their pulse (heart patients), those who are avid walkers and want to keep a set heart rate, and those who workout in the gym and can take the time to stop and check the watch, but who don’t want to have a strap across their chest.

I didn’t find the directions that came with the watch to be as well laid out as I would have liked. They could be clearer on points relating to the set-up of the watch, but with a bit of button squishing and time – most users will figure out the basic functions easily enough and tweak settings like resting heart rate at a later date.

Overall I like the fit, quality and function of the watch, but didn’t feel it was worth 5 stars because of the need to press so hard and wait to get a heart rate reading, the slightly more inaccurate readings I received when I did test my heart rate, and the directions for set-up. It’s also not for runners.

On the positive side, it’s not as chunky and large as most heart rate monitor watches, it doesn’t have a chest strap to bug you, and it fits on small wrists.

It really depends what you need, whether this watch is for you.


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3.0 out of 5 stars
Good for a casual exerciser who occasionally needs to know heart rate, April 16, 2012
Summer B. Frace (Austin, TX USA) – See all my reviews

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This watch is fine, but it’s not the right watch for me. I’m an age group runner and triathlete working out about 6 times a week. Many of my workouts are an hour or more and I reference my heart rate fairly often during a workout. I typically use a GPS watch with heart rate strap for my running and biking workouts, but I also use a standalone unit (I have a fairly basic Polar) for indoor workouts and swim workouts where a GPS isn’t necessary. I thought it would be nice not to deal with the chest strap and while that’s nice, the trade-off isn’t worth it for me. Here are the limitations of this device that make it not work for me:

– To get heart rate, you have to hold your fingers on the watch and the watch must make good contact with your skin. It takes awhile so basically you are stopping your workout to do it – not just looking quickly at your wrist.

– There is no basic lap functionality in this watch. That seems like a huge oversight. You can set it to do interval timing – basically tell it you want it to lap automatically every minute. This can be helpful if you are at a pool and you are hitting a pace time and there’s no pace clock, or I suppose if you are trying to hit a pace on a track or something. It’s not something I would use often. I’d rather have standard lap capability.

– There doesn’t appear to be a way to get data from the watch at the end of the workout regarding average HR, max HR, etc.

Who is this watch good for? If you’re currently holding your fingers up to your neck to get a heart rate every so often during a workout and you need something super basic – this works for you. It’s nice not having to deal with a chest strap, but honestly, I’ve gotten used to it and I think I’ll stick with my older Polar and GPS.


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