Microsoft Band In-Depth Review: The Best Fitness Band Today!

Microsoft Band In-Depth Review: The Best Fitness Band Today!

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  1. +Michael Schlitter Cortana is only available on Windows Phone.with the
    band. Won’t work on iOS or android?

  2. Haha! “If there’s like a Flood alert Cortana will pop up and show that to
    you.” I don’t know if you did that intentionally, but it made me laugh.?

  3. the new apple watch is coming out soon in Australia, i own neither but i am
    a pc user and android is also easy to use. What do u think of it
    technologically how accurate is it the band i mean. It’s been a while now
    perhaps ur opinions could differ a tad but, still do u recommend it??

  4. Battery seems to be the issue here – especially as this thing needs to be
    on your wrist not sat by itself being charged…..

    I’m very keen to have a Windows Phone compatible fitness band, aren’t there
    others out there for us Windows Phone people ??

  5. I love how they named the assistant Cortana lol.?

  6. Can you create your own workouts??

  7. When it’s doing a workout can you pause it as well if needed??

  8. Very impressive. I love the fitness routine integration.?

  9. This is best Microsoft Band review I have watches in the last couple of
    The step by step instructions on how to use the functions on the band was
    just the type of
    information I was looking for – before I purchased the band. It’s not
    available at our Stonebriar Mall – Microsoft Store in Frisco, Texas
    or online yet. So many thanks. My username is (+eddfoster)

  10. Wer schnallt sich so einen hässlichen Klotz ans Handgelenk???
    Das Jawbone UP3 ist viele eleganter, aber Jawbone hat bei den
    Lieferterminen versagt, das wird ende März bis geliefert wird…
    Ich kauf mir das Fitbit Surge, 7Tage Akkulaufzeit, wasserdicht und ein
    schönes Gerät und mit der Fitbitapp perfekt.?

  11. while running, does the band lap its self automatically or do you have to
    press a button??

  12. Lorenzo Jimenez March 17, 2015 at 3:34 am

    What about the battery? Other reviews states that one works for 48 hours.?

  13. Does it link up with RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal? THose are mandatory for
    me as I’ve been using them to keep my data for years. Android Wear is
    compatible but I really like this form factor. I’m looking forward to your

  14. Awesome review! ?

  15. I really want one of these now that I have Galaxy Note 4 because the health
    features compliment each other. ?

  16. Consider better audio setup and equipment, please: Users can’t help, but
    always comparing posts to the professional standards of the videos also
    posted, they are abundant and you are trying to compete with them, so…?

  17. It locked in at 90 bpm for heart rate when you were talking…which seems
    off if you are chatting…I’ve heard that the heart monitoring is
    inconsistent on the Band….your thoughts??

  18. Jorge Omar Gonzalez March 17, 2015 at 4:47 am

    What are your thoughts on functionality of the Microsoft band paired with
    Android? I’m interested in purchasing this but still need more feedback
    from people who have been able to work with this.
    By the way great review. ?

  19. Shreyash payasam March 17, 2015 at 5:15 am

    Can we share our workouts??

  20. This band is uncomfortable, inaccurate and ugly. ?

  21. does this band have vibration for notifications and alarms??

  22. Great review, best I’ve seen that didn’t have a clear bias?

  23. What else do you miss out on using this thing with a Droid and not a
    Windows phone, besides Cortana??

  24. Michael Schlitter March 17, 2015 at 8:24 am

    How do things such as messaging and cortana work with android? Mainly

  25. compatible with ios ? ?

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