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  1. I still have my Force. It still works great and it now has caller ID. Once
    the Charge came out, the software was changed for the Fitbit Force. I
    started with the One, moved to the Flex, then got the Force. Have had it
    now for over 2 years. Never had a problem with rashes, and I wear a size
    small. I think people were putting them on too tight and sweat was getting
    underneath causing the irritation (what I have read from other blogs,
    posts, reviews, etc.). As much as I love my Fitbit Force, as soon as the
    Apple watch comes out, it will be my new fitness toy.?

  2. SoleSurvivor Detroit March 3, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    At (8:34) it appears that the watch automatically went back to the home
    screen after idle for a min, is that true? I saw another review where
    someone was saying you have to manually get yourself back to the “clock”
    setting when done?

  3. This is a update:
    Got in touch with FitBit about my order. I ask about the status of my order
    and was told that they did received my order on the 9th of Jan. But the
    order was backed log. Posibly due to the fact that it is the latest of the
    two items that suppose to be released early of 2015. Both bands that has
    the HR onit one even has the gps built in (surge).
    They have not charge my card yet yet till the item I order is shipped. So I
    am comfortable and will be patient by waiting till it is shipped and the
    tracking orer will be emailed once the surge leave the warehouse.?

  4. SolarizeYourLife March 3, 2015 at 11:37 pm

    Ever wore the devices on the inside wrist closer to the actual pulsing vein
    for more accurate reading????

  5. saltyshellback March 3, 2015 at 11:42 pm

    Hmmmm….looks like a good Christmas gift idea!?

  6. what are all the different exercises can the fitbit surge track ? for
    example running and spinning. but can it track things like cross trainer
    and stuff.
    What i am trying to say is what are ALL the activity’s it can track
    accurately. ?

  7. I got a better idea!
    Why not do a review on fitbit customer service and support?
    Because I placed an order for a fitbit surge on Jan 9th. I even paid for
    the 2 to 3 day delivery.
    Well almost aweek later, I have not yet received my surge. And worst yet!
    I sent them an email about tracking my order. But got nothing in response
    ecept will take 24 to 48 hours to respond.
    Guess what! It’s 72 hours. Still no response from fitbit.
    I starting to believe that customer support doesn’t care at all. Guess I
    shpuld try calling them next and see what happens next.
    Will return with the results of the their telephonic responses. If they

  8. Heather McDonald March 4, 2015 at 12:05 am

    the backlight works on mine but i jus got it the beginning of this month
    (feb 2015) and there were updates that immediately needed to be downloaded.
    I also switched the backlight to “on” instead of auto.?

  9. Good review- Keep in mind that the backlight will only activate under low
    light setting when set to auto. Try setting your backlight to “ON” in the
    settings menu and swiping. That will guarantee the backlight is active. If
    it still doesn’t work I would email for a replacement. Cheers!?

  10. Mark Cornelison March 4, 2015 at 1:05 am

    Tapping the screen makes the backlight come on when you have it on auto.?

  11. Excuse me? I am not a liar. I had a Flex and it lasted only 10 weeks. Go to
    the Flex forum and Amazon and other forums and see the amount of reviews
    about it’s charging problems. Even a user, Craig, created a video on Howe
    to thoroughly clean it. The best results have come when you do do before
    every single charge. Do don’t come saying I am a liar when it’s from my own
    personal experience with the Flex. I respect your personal experience, if
    you own one for more than a year, and you respect mine. Have a nice day.?

  12. Does the Surge stay on and show the time ALL THE TIME??

  13. Very good review!Can you tell me what connection is needed for caller ID
    application, bluetooth or wirelless?I am asking you because i am using
    handsfree bluetooth sony SBH50 and i beleive that i can’t use both of them
    with bluetooth connection.
    Finally i want to ask you if pedometer be good for my tennis sport!Thank

  14. TheMorphinator March 4, 2015 at 3:02 am

    I also had a major issue with mine when I received it – the left button
    acted like it was being pressed when it was not. Even just pressing the
    button once or barely even touching it would activate music mode several
    times (which you normally get to by double pressing the button). I was
    about to return it, but decided to spend a couple minutes pressing the
    button (gently, not hard) to break it in. It’s worked fine since.
    However, even a $10 watch lets you set alarms on the watch, and have a
    stopwatch. For a $250 fitness watch to not have a stopwatch is a bit
    ridiculous. Hope you get the backlight issues sorted out!?

  15. Marcin Gr?ziowski March 4, 2015 at 3:41 am

    Can this device track cycling??

  16. The surge does have a backlight, switch it from “auto” to “on” then then
    ever you push the button on the left the backlight will turn on. ?

  17. Good review. I plan to get both a Fitbit Surge and Apple Watch. I think
    Surge might prove best in tracking and recording of various fitness
    activities. But I am sure that the color screen, build quality, software
    and service life will be in Apple’s favor. With their track record, I can’t
    dismiss Apple just yet.

    But Fitbit would be wise to mend fences with Apple and add HealthKit
    integration so they can get added back into the Apple Store. I think Surge
    would be a good alternative to those who don’t want to pay more money for
    the pricier Apple smart watch. By not being in the Apple store, iPhone
    customers passing up the Apple’s watch might opt for an UP3 from Jawbone
    who is happily integrating with HealthKit.?

  18. Looks good. Wonder how it works against the Pebble which I would replace,
    although I know there completely different. So now Surge vs. Charge HR vs.

  19. Does this work for tracking snowBoarding??

  20. What computer can you use??

  21. Kathryn Polster March 4, 2015 at 7:08 am

    My back light works, but I couldn’t get the screen swiping to turn on. I
    have to use the right button to get the option to change though.?

  22. Thanks for the review. One question, please: while exercising, what is the
    HR accuracy, compared to the Polar chest strap??

  23. Great review. Thanks for taking the time and sharing your feedback. ?

  24. @pelahale: Based on your review, I got the impression that you liked the
    Fitbit Surge very much. So why would you return it for a refund instead of
    exchanging it for new one with a functioning backlight??

  25. Maksim Donchev March 4, 2015 at 9:15 am

    Great information, but £199 for it. It is just wasting your money.?

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