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  1. NOTE: Fitbit provides a ‘real’ axis to the HR graph on the online app.?

  2. What’s the significance of the modes? I do mainly free weights, what does
    the weightlifting mode do differently than for example the Charge HR which
    doesn’t have that mode??

  3. Although fitbit claims that you can wear the watch on the top or bottom of
    your wrist, i wonder if that would have made a difference in the results
    yielded compared to the chest worn monitor. Just a thought!?

  4. Thanks for the upload. Would you recommend the Surge or Charge for light
    boxing sessions including sparring and bag hitting? I’m concerned with the
    Charges girth when putting the gloves on as well as deflecting and blocking
    punches and sweat build up inside the glove. How well do you think both
    would hold up during these activities? Also have you tried wearing the
    device face down with its back flushed against the bottom of your wrist?
    Maybe this would provide a more accurate reading? Thanks again.?

  5. You’re going to hate me by now for all my comments and asking you to review
    different things… (I asked you to do the Striiv Fusion, which you did
    and thank you!) I wondered if you have ever had the opportunity to use a
    Pebble watch in a fitness capacity? I was curious about it’s ability to be
    a decent pedometer as I love its functionality as a watch and smartphone
    notifier and would think that Pebble would likely have apps now that cater
    to the fitness crowd to try to capture that part of the market. That, and
    the fact that it is about $30 cheaper than the FitBit Charge makes it
    really stand out in my mind… if it could also track the same kinds of
    things that a regular fitness band could, it could really be a good
    contender!!! Thanks in advance!?

  6. Thanks Riz for video that will make me thanking maybe there is an issue
    with firmware update rather then inaccurate data. Also example of sweat can
    cause optical light all those jumps. I wonder if adding kinesio tape
    between skin and watch can solve the problem? ?

  7. I just returned my Nike+ watch and was looking for something to replace
    it and thought the Surge or Charge would make a good replacement for my
    runs and maybe my weight lifting sessions but after your review I may just
    stick with my Armour39 for lifting and find something for my runs?

  8. Thanks for uploading these. Glad I bought them Charge HR instead. Use in
    combination with my Suunto Ambit2 to monitor “background” activity and
    resting heart rate, relying on Ambit for workouts.?

  9. Cezar Pirajá March 24, 2015 at 4:02 am

    Did you read the Fitbit notes about the position on the wrist? Google:

  10. If the max heart rate for the fitbit is the red arrow, then the max heart
    rate seems to be off by about 30 in most of the tests. Just pointing this
    out as I don’t recall you mentioning it. Great video.?

  11. Steven Edward Marshall March 24, 2015 at 5:08 am

    Try moving it up your arm as the instructions state for exercising?

  12. Adrian Thompson March 24, 2015 at 6:07 am

    How do you determine your resting heart rate with a chest strap setup? Do
    you just wake up, wait a few minutes, strap it on and log it? ?

  13. Thanks for the great review as I have been trying to decide between a polar
    loop, adidas fit smart, and a fitbit surge. I was thinking the same
    regarding the chest strap readings, and you backed that thinking up. If
    you ever do any reviews on garmin cycle units, please let me know!!!!
    (subscribing now btw)?

  14. Mysteri0usMem0 March 24, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Bro tip!: Try keeping your head on the bench as you press and keep your
    shoulder blades down and back for awesome chest gainz! ?

  15. Awesome review Jeff. Thank you.
    I have the basis peak, but i have no chest strap to do a review like this.
    I have a pretty good idea of where my heart rate is usually is and ill test
    how the peak does. Too bad Basis still has no API.?

  16. urbansustainability March 24, 2015 at 8:37 am

    If you are doing any exercise that requires a lot of wrist movement (rowing
    would be an obvious one) you need to move the Surge further up the arm so
    the moving action of your wrist does not impact the HR optical readings.
    Yes, you’ll need to slide it up your arm every so often as it will find its
    way back toward your wrist as you exercise vigorously. But the accuracy is
    improved dramatically if you keep it further up the arm with heavy wrist
    movement activities.?

  17. I am glad this video was made. I may return my surge and get a chest strap
    instead. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about the Surge so far.?

  18. Thank you so much, that was the review I was waiting for.
    It seems that the Surge might not be the solution I was looking for,
    because it’s very far from reality. I’ll have to wait until they find a
    more precise way, or the other option is to get a “simple” fitness band and
    then a chest hrm only for workouts.
    Thank you Jeff for your work, your channel has been one of my christmas
    presents this year for sure.?

  19. great review. did you check out the FAQ on their site, it offers some tips
    for issues such as you reported. i’d be interested in knowing if you did
    and they did or didn’t help?

  20. This review answers the most important question. Effectiveness of wrist hr
    on this device. I would rate ur running result for surge as unsatisfactory.
    30 bpm is highly relevant Thank you. Great data and by far the most
    rigorous test of surge on the most important issue?

  21. Thank you for your thorough review of the Fitbit Surge, it is very helpful.
    I recently bought one and was also dissapointed with it’s inaccuracy for
    weights and erging. Being a rower, those two exercises are pretty much what
    I spend all my time on espesially in the winter. I need to get something
    that can track my heart rate accurately and is still a good watch/fitness
    tracker. Avoiding a chest strap would ideal concidering that it was my main
    reason for purchasing the Surge. Is there anything on the market now that
    meet these ramifications that you would recommend? Should I just wait for
    the Apple watch?


  22. Thanks for the great tests vids, im thinking about getting a surge myself,
    but nog to sure yet. Your vids help me dicide in the end. You still
    planning to wear the surge in the shower coming time? The company kind of
    disoproaves it. Keep the vids comming! ­čśÇ ?

  23. You should compare the basis peak vs the surge. Would love to know which
    one you would recommend.?

  24. what about the mio fuse, you should check it out?

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