1. flyguy359

    Ordered this based on the video (EMS, $68). I have used it daily for the
    last three months and it is fantastic! Following my heart attack I must run
    for heart rate (and nothing else), and this has been an excellent way to
    get the biofeedback I need, to rein things in by manual setting max a 160
    (Low at zero) and get a beep when I overexert. Strap is comfortable – my
    belly (5’10, 170) keeps it in place without moving. Ilick it as you do,
    clean it each time, and prove that by licking it the next time!?

  2. iulius ivanus

    it’s a difficult sort of monitor, the guides are almost stupid…… feel
    sadness to have such a nice piece of technology, but too hard to
    understand… :(?

  3. m castro

    Thank you! Great video! How do I track how many miles I have run using this

  4. maemk

    I want to set up a personal max heart rate which I was able to. BUT I am
    unable to set the lower limit percentage. I believe I am following the
    instructions. Has anyone done this.?

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