1. Christopher Hoffman

    The striiv automatically deletes the steps at 12 am?

  2. Andrew Noltemeyer

    The Fitbit seems awesome! Does it work for Android as well??

  3. TheBaltobabe

    Thanks I found your review both helpful and informative. Had the Stiiv
    original pedometer and left it in my laundry and it is working only
    partially so was in the market to upgrade and was looking at the Play or
    Fitbit. I have decided to go with fitbit. Thanks!?

  4. Better Life Blog

    Thank you for this comment, I did forget to mention about the badges and

  5. Better Life Blog

    Thank you for the feedback. I wanted to provide a review of all the
    features that were important to me and thought others who were serious
    about it would find the information valuable, and figured they could always
    forward or skip the video if it was too much info.

  6. tigergreene

    Very informative, but 25 minutes? Unnecessary IMHO. Honestly, I tuned out
    after 5 minutes and about 26 “umms”. Practice a couple of times and try to
    say it in 1/5 the time without the pauses, you’ll get more viewers.

  7. TasteMyVideos

    The reason why they have the wrist “strap?” is so that it would track your
    upper body activities such as weight lifting and such… I think!

  8. Better Life Blog

    The FitBit syncs with Lose It, however, I don’t think the Striiv Play does.
    Someone please correct me if I am wrong please.

  9. bassem zohdy

    try lifetrak c300 no charge for a year and store information for a week

  10. Alex Yallop

    I think it is there if you simply like to sleep naked and if you do attach
    it to clothing you may roll on to it so the wrist is a sensible place

  11. Best Heart Rate Monitors

    This product is easy to set up on your iphone. There is a tutorial on line
    if you need help, I did 🙂 here is the link to it in case anyone is
    interested: amzn.to1ay2RF0

  12. Aztecking05

    She don’t know why it come with a wrist band, well maybe someone didnt look
    into it before this video was made.. its for your night time sleep logging.
    hold the button on the fitbit untill you see the timer place it on the
    wrist band..

  13. TheRebirthMediaGroup

    Just received my fitbit from Amazon and it works great.

  14. Better Life Blog

    I know that the wrist band was for the sleep logging, but I don’t
    understand why it needs to be worn on the wrist rather than on the body. If
    anyone finds out I am still curious to know. Thanks for your comment.

  15. LeiRaeThomas

    I would love this if it were edited, too many silent pauses, “Ahhhmmmsss”
    and locating of information made the majority of this video. I found myself
    waiting to hear a point for up to 2 whole minutes after addressing the

  16. sonnyv2007

    This video is too long…Thanks for the in depth review, but 5 minutes
    should be the goal….

  17. 1Sunrose

    I never knew this kind of gadget was invented. I will have to look into it
    more. Thanks for the info.

  18. MaryAnn Hopping

    Good review. I’ve been using fitbit ultra for almost a year. Was a bit
    curious about the striiv so thanks for the info! Just to add the on the
    website Fitbit gives you badges and medals for reaching certain levels of
    activity that can me motivating. Also has an on-line community and teams
    you can join for challenges. You can also link your fitbit with earndit.com
    site for other challenges and rewards for more motivation. The customer
    service at fitbit is really awesome too!

  19. mslatinamom

    GREAT REVIEW: Thank you for the very detailed review! I really appreciated
    all the information you provided. I have now finally made my decision and
    purchased the FITBIT ONE, mainly becuase you can actually see the data
    right on the device as opposed to having to wait to sync up with your phone
    or go online to sync it. For those of you who find it way to long of a
    review there are other reviews out there that fit your time frame. (just a
    suggestion) Good Luck to you all!

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