Omron HR-210 Strap Free Heart Rate Monitor

This is an excellent quality strap free heart rate monitor.

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Omron HR-210 Heart Rate Monitor
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Get the most from your workouts with an Omron HR-210 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor. You’ll get your numbers quickly and accurately so you can adjust your training to reach your goals faster.

Why you should use an Omron Heart Rate Monitor:

Whether you are a regular walker or jogger, managing your heart rate during your workouts is a crucial component of achieving your goals.

The Omron HR-210 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor offers:

+ No Strap: just put it on your wrist and you’re ready to go

+ OMRON Sensor Technology: accurate results from just two fingers

+ Fast Numbers: get your results in as little as 6 seconds

+ Zone Alerts: programmable zones warn you if you’re too high or too low

+ Water Resistant: the HR-210 is water-resistant up to 164 feet

It’s all about staying in the “zone.”

Every fitness program from weight maintenance to strength training has an optimal Heart Rate Training Zone. With an Omron Heart Rate Monitor, you can track your heart rate to ensure you stay in your optimal zone by adjusting the intensity of your workout and maximizing your success.

What’s in the Box

HR-210 Heart Rate Monitor, lithium battery and instruction manual.

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  1. Indicates stopwatch mode or stopwatch is running
  2. Indicates alarm is on
  3. Display stopwatch, date, or mode banners
  4. Indicates a heart rate reading is detected
  5. 12 hour clock
  6. Calorie unit
  7. Weight unit
  8. Indicates beep tone in on
  9. Indicates keypad is locked
  10. Indicates battery life
  11. Display time or calorie reading
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Target Heart Rate Zones
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Together we’ll accomplish more – Optimal Training Zones

By exercising within your target training zone, you’ll achieve more in less time. Each zone offers different benefits. The most popular zone range is 50% to 80% of your maximum heart. This is where you achieve cardio benefits, burn fat, and become fitter. Your Omron Heart Rate Monitor is programmable so you can maintain your workout within your chosen zone. (See the chart for percentages)

+ Health Maintenance–(65%-78%) Low-intensity level training. Good if you’re a beginner and strengthening your cardiovascular system.

+ Aerobic Exercise–(65%-85%) Increases strength and endurance. Burns calories faster and can be sustained during longer workouts.

+ Anaerobic Exercise–(78%-90%) Improves speed and power. This zone builds muscle faster, but cannot be maintained for long workouts.

+ Red Line–(90%-100%) Maximum capacity.

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Customer Reviews

243 of 248 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars
Omron HR-210 vs. Timex Health Touch T5K483 vs. Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110, March 3, 2012
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This review is from: Omron HR-210 Strap Free Heart Rate Monitor (Health and Beauty)
I started out looking for a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and ended up testing these 3 items. Over the course of a few days, during simultaneous tests (at rest & during light workouts), their readings were so indistinguishable from one another that I cannot honestly declare one better than the others. In that respect, all three are very good. All three use Finger Pulse technology, so no straps are needed. Here are some observations that I hope will help folks make an informed decision:

1- The Omron looked stylish from the picture on Amazon, but in reality, looked like an oversized, clumsy toy to me; I also did not like the digital display (the font style); Timex looks more graceful, and the display is better.

2- The Omron shows just the Heart Rate whereas the Timex shows not only the Heart Rate, but also the Relative Heart Rate (HR / Max. HR), and whether the HR is within the set Target HR Zone, over it, or under. That is nice.

3- Both watches have calories burnt feature, and stop watches; but Timex also has a Countdown Timer, and a second Time Zone (so one can set up clocks for 2 different parts of the world)

4- The night-light in the Timex also seems better to me, compared with the Omron

5- Omron uses two fingers for measuring HR, while Timex uses one.

6- Timex offers 2 sizes, midsize vs. fullsize; I recommend fullsize, because the display is bigger and much easier to read during any activity; seems more like normal to me, than the impression that “fullsize” conveys; and its cheaper than the midsize. I would have called them standard vs. small.

7- During setup, Omron does not incorporate gender, while Timex does; it’s not that important but helps in setting up Target HR Zone.

8- I think that the Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110 is good for the whole family; the user setup on the watches ties them to the wearer, while the Oximeter does not need any setup; it will dutifully do its job, and can be used for family fun and health; of course, it also shows the Oxygen Saturation level; and it comes with a carry case and neck / wrist cords.

9- FYI, the Activity mode on the Timex shows many more calories burnt than my Schwinn Exercise bike (almost 200 cal. difference on a 45 min workout); don’t know if my bike is under-reporting, or the watch over-reporting.

Overall, I think the Timex is a much better value for money than the Omron. Also, it goes without saying that these devices should be periodically cleaned to get accurate readings, as explained in their respective manuals. I’m keeping both the fullsize Timex & the Oximeter.


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208 of 217 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Easy to Use, Accurate, October 20, 2011
This review is from: Omron HR-210 Strap Free Heart Rate Monitor (Health and Beauty)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
Prior to trying out this strap free monitor, I owned an Omron wrist monitor with a chest strap as well as several finger pulse monitors. I love the finger pulse monitors. All you have to do is put your finger inside a little pencil sharpener sized box and seconds later your pulse reading appears. I have to admit to owning but never using an Omron monitor with a chest strap. It just seemed like too much work. I was always puzzled why the chest strap monitors seemed more popular than the finger monitors. It seemed like donning and setting up a chest strap under your clothes is a lot of extra work for what is supposedly only a minor increase in accuracy over a finger monitor that can be used at any time and any place.

I was pleasantly surprised then to test out this Omron strap free wrist monitor. It seemed like a product that has long been overdue in the market place. While the finger pulse monitors are easy to use in general, if you want to measure your pulse during cardio exercise you have to stop, or at least slow down, to put the monitor on your finger. With the Omron wrist monitor you have the the simplicity of the finger monitors with the convenient access of a wrist watch. In order to use this product you wear it like a regular wrist watch and simply place two finger on the outer corners of the rim to check your heart rate. This makes is easy to use if you like to check your pulse while jogging, hiking or other aerobic exercise. I like to check my pulse when I’m hiking up hill, but in the past this meant tossing my finger monitor in my back pack, then stopping and taking off my back pack, digging around for the pulse monitor and then taking my pulse. With the wrist monitor I can take my pulse at any time without having to stop.

We checked the readings for this strap free wrist monitor for accuracy against several finger pulse monitors we already own and the results came out the same. If you are a former chest strap monitor user I think you will be impressed with how much more convenient this strap free product is to use.


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141 of 156 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars
A digital watch that takes your pulse, September 23, 2011
This review is from: Omron HR-210 Strap Free Heart Rate Monitor (Health and Beauty)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
This is a combination digital watch and chronograph that allows you to take your pulse by placing two fingers on a metal plate that surrounds the face of the watch. To call it a strapless “heart rate monitor” is deceptive as it is not continually monitoring your heartbeat; it is recording your pulse whenever you feel the need.

I have also tried the Omron HR-310 Omron HR-310 Heart Rate Monitor with Strap and although both models are disappointing, I recommend the HR-310 which at least is a true heart rate monitor.

Some things you should know about this product:
1) In order to benefit from this training watch you have to enter specific information such as the date, time, date of birth, weight. You do not enter sex or height or basic fitness level — all important factors in interpreting one’s fitness training zone through heart rate.
2) Set up is not difficult. There is a dedicated “+” button as well as a “-” button. You can enter your specifics relatively quickly and easily.
3) The instructions are fairly inscrutable but better than for the other model.
4) The watch strap is a bulky plastic affair in two shades of gray. The tightest notch is approximately 6″ and the loosest is approximately 8″. The metal back of the watch must sit flat and make full contact with your wrist in order to work properly. If you have an extremely small or large wrist, this is not for you.
5) The manufacturer recommends that you stop exercising to take your pulse, although walking is probably ok. This will be inconvenient for most.

If you are looking for a heart rate monitor training watch get one with a chest strap. It may sound inconvenient and uncomfortable but at least it will deliver more benefits.


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