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Not only does the Garmin Forerunner 15 track important data during every run, it also eliminates the need for a separate fitness tracker by continuing to monitor your activity between each workout so you know exactly how close you are to your fitness goals at all times.

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Smaller GPS watch with great features, but not absolutely perfect., July 3, 2014

Overall, I like this GPS watch. I’m a petite frame of 5′ but I am muscular so although the watch is bulky, it’s not so colossal that it exceeds the big bulky trend of watches right now, although it is larger than I would prefer… but then again, all GPS watches that have the functions I want are much larger in general.

After looking at several brands such as Soleus (which is much more affordable but basic) or Nike (which has a nicer look, more mainstream and trendy, but didn’t have the options I wanted), I settled on a couple different models of Garmin because I preferred because of the display of my pace and the options of different information displayed. I was drawn to the Garrmin 110 because of it’s sleeker dismensions but upon doing some research I found in reviews that that it did not do well with water… I’m a swimmer by trader, so that left me with the Garmin 10 vs. the 15. Both had heart monitor capabilities, but the deciding factor was that the 15 has an activity monitor built into it (like the fitbit or jaws) and I’m a tech geek by nature.

After it arrived, I charged it with the cradle it it snaps into (and plugs to my computer) and it was pretty intuitive. It starts with a few personal questions and the rest I customized later after I did my first run and played with the Garmin online “Connect” which let me review my information.

General Information:
– Main screen with display time and then across the bottom you can scroll through: Date/ month, (and if you put the fitness tracker on) steps, goal (which changes depending on your general activity level), miles, and calories
-can scroll through and look at history, set your run options and personal settings

– comfortable and I like the teal option (however note that I’m biased because it’s my favorite color)
-relatively small face (well… compared to other GPS watches) with the display options I wanted (Options include: pace/ distance, pace/ calories, distance/ calories, time/distance, time/pace, time/ calories)
-water resistant up to 50 m ( took my kids to Soak city all day and showered in it- no problem)
-Longer battery time-8 hours training on garmin 15 versus the 5 hours on the Garmin 10, but will go around 8 weeks in fitness tracker mode. (This was one of the bigger reasons I leaned toward Garmin 15)
-backlight available
-If you’ve been sitting/not moving for an extending period of time it will beep and give a “move!” prompt- For someone looking for a fitness tracker it might be desirable trait.
-has a run/walk options so if your training include a timed pace of running and then walking, you can pre-set these onto your watch and an alarm will sound during these pacing intervals.
-has a virtual pacer which you can set to help maintain a certain run pace
-compatible with a food pod (Garmin 10 does not have this capability)
-has autopause (which is important to me since I get stuck at lights… often 🙂
-you can set maximum and minimum heart alarms although I have not ventured to use my heart monitor with this yet
-will notify of every mile (calls it a lap)
-Garmin 15 will sync with the popular app “My fitness pal” on the online interface “Connect”

-Still bigger than some of the other models out there, but I couldn’t find a GPS watch with the display options I wanted that were any smaller. The closest I found want watch that linked to the GPS of my phone (which is why I wanted a watch in the first place because 15 mi. plus my phone is basically dead). It makes sense why those watches could be so much smaller- blue tooth linke to the GPS on the smartphone.
– There is a timer option that appears but I found it by accident (admittedly I don’t pour through the manuals so it is probably in there but I did notice it in my brief skim through). If your press the GPS button, and choose the button/option to not use it- then the timer will appear
-battery is rechargable but you have connect the cradle which is not always feasible. I would not be able to use this in a long camping trip unless I bought some sort of solar recharging device.
-the “Connect” online interface with Garmin is interesting but not terribly user friendly. Also, I found that when I attempted to sign on with my ipad that I cannot sign onto and see the “dashboard” which is the section that contains all my information and splits. It states that it does not supports the Garmin communicator plugin on my tablet (ipad) I would have to be on my desktop in order for me to view my information.
-If you work in a professional setting with a particular dress code, you may not be able to get away with wearing this more cumbersome watch… hence the vivofit, fitbit, or jaws would be more discreet.
-Does not monitor sleep patterns

The price is the same just about everywhere, and I would have bought my…

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Fantastic Beginner GPS Watch, July 23, 2014
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
I am really loving this watch. I have had it for two weeks now, and could not be happier with it. I fits well which is typically difficult considering that I am 5’0" and have child sized wrists. Because I sleep on my arm on my stomach, I can’t sleep with it on, but if you sleep on your back or side, you should be able to sleep in it no problem. I have run with it many times now, and the GPS works beautifully. It usually takes a 10-20 seconds to find the satellites, but that is to be expected in the most basic of Garmin’s current GPS technology. I am using it with a Garmin HRM3 heart rate strap which I am also quite pleased with. My favorite feature is the virtual pacer. You can set a particular pace, and the watch will alert you if you have gotten ahead of or behind that pace. It has been a great feature for learning abut my running and pacing for my half marathon training. I use the GPS tracking 4-5 hours a week, and I have only had to charge it once since I got it. It charges when you plug it in to sync your data, and that is usually sufficient to keep it going. I also love the activity tracker feature. It counts steps and will supposedly have a sleep monitor in an update in the near future. The step counter is like any step counter that gets worn on the wrist, it sometimes counts arm movement when you aren’t actually moving. It is the nature of the beast, so to speak. I have been very happy with the data I have received from it so far, and it seems pretty accurate. I also really like that it tells you to "MOVE!" when you have been stationary too long. The MOVE! goes away after you’ve moved enough steps (I think it is 200 for every hour that you’ve been stationary, but I’m not positive.) Anyway, overall this is a great watch for someone who wants the basics of running info and tracking for a decent price without a lot of frills and extras. I would highly recommend this watch to anyone.


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Nice unit overall, June 14, 2014
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This is my fourth Garmin GPS watch. I used this watch in a half-marathon last weekend, in which it rained the entire time, and this watch stayed connected to satellite the entire time. I was very pleased with its performance.

In purchasing this model, all I wanted was a basic GPS to track mileage, pace, and elevation, with a combined heart rate monitor. The 15 keeps it simple and provides what I need in a compact watch. I miss the 4-metric screen view of my Forerunner 205 — with the 15 you must scroll through to see miles, pace, and HR, but the watch actually fits my small wrists so I will take that as a trade-off. I’m not using the fitness tracker part, so I can’t say how that works.

My one complaint about this watch is the HR monitor strap. It comes with the standard strap, which is TOO BIG for me. I’m a little annoyed that I now have to pay extra to buy a strap that fits. Garmin should allow you to choose your strap size when you buy the watch, particularly the ones designed for women.


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