1. Shad Kerr

    Wow, y’all must have paid them so much money to use their equipment and for
    the doctor’s time.?

  2. SolarizeYourLife

    You have two arms, why not do two at a time? Also what about wearing it on
    your inner wrist??

  3. InvisiMan2006

    “Try to keep still and quiet”…

    Talks and moves through the entire test… still accurate. Damn.?

  4. 23youwatch

    Doctor saying to himself: what a waste of my time. I could be saving lives!
    But here I am playing with geek toys!?

  5. WhiteBeltPesilat

    193 at the end???? Assuming she’s 25 (just to throw a number out there,
    that would be 98.9% of her MAX HR. She should be completely out of breath,
    and be semi incoherent.?

  6. patrick jackson

    And out of all of that the phone actually was right. ?

  7. imoninternets

    Damn.. I just ordered a fitbit charge hr, hopefully the technology has
    improved since they did these tests.?

  8. Optimal Design

    Everyone is integrating a Heart Rate Sensor in their #Wearables… but how
    accurate are these sensors?@cnet compares these Optical Sensors to an EKG
    Heart Rate Monitor – Check out who was the most accurate:

  9. Daniel James

    When I was a dark shadow of my physical peak (mid 30s), but training to
    race road bicycles, my MAX heart rate was 181 after a max effort into some
    steep hills. And this poor woman, comparably, is hardly working at all!?

  10. jacopo ceccato

    Nice test, can you please test the “mio alpha” ??

  11. episode04

    These devices are accurate after a few minutes and not instantly. For
    someone reviewing such products ud expect them to know that.?

  12. ANDROiD_eKa

    I think she put that Garmin™ belt too close to them thangs?

  13. NightWolfXVI

    It’s the samsung galaxy s5 is accurate and the tech reporter is cute
    awesome. ?

  14. dweiss1

    I really appreciate this scientific comparison. Just questioning if the
    proper technique was followed regarding placement of the finger over the
    optical sensor during measurements. Seemed to work okay with the S5 but
    still curious. In any case, I hope CNET does this again and includes the
    Fitbit Charge HR when it ships.?

  15. Nino Abashmadze

    Doc is under drugs i guess.. at least the look on his face says that )))?

  16. Fogo B

    I thought that would be way more comments about how hot she is and all!
    Well done internet, you are growing up!!!?

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