#CES2015 First Look – Garmin Fenix3 GPS Fitness Tracking Smartwatch

#CES2015 First Look - Garmin Fenix3 GPS Fitness Tracking Smartwatch

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  1. I love the looks of watches like these. But Garmin, Suunto and others are
    just too expensive for me. Actually I don’t really need any of the sports
    tracking features, I just like their design and big round black-and-white
    displays (Yeah, I’m from the “Unbeliveable digital organizer with amazing
    16 grayscale screen” era). I don’t need many of the features that Android
    Wear touts either. I hope some company creates an inexpensive and stylish
    watch that has customizable watchfaces and very long battery life. And some
    smart “watch features”, not “phone features”.?

  2. I wish garmin had 3d videos of the move like suunto does after the
    activity. ?

  3. I ordered this Monday! REI is taking orders on it already for those of you
    who are interested. They gave me a date of delivery of 2/4. The watch
    you’re showing Juan, is the Sapphire Edition. That model is 599.99.?

  4. F?nix is the Old English spelling of “phoenix”, which is how it should be
    pronounced, not “fenix”?

  5. which camera are u shooting from? ?

  6. Off on the price points a bit.?

  7. #sgg1020 ?

  8. #CES2015 First Look – Garmin Fenix3 GPS Fitness Tracking Smartwatch?

  9. shared?

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