1. Walter Lloyd

    Hey Scott, what are some good workouts for the outer biceps??

  2. William Granville

    Sounds like a great tool, a little steep for my budget but I might have to
    make room for it. It seems like there should be a way to turn the vibrate
    off though. Thanks for the great review.?

  3. Liam Stevens

    Good review with positives and negatives… I also see Scott replies on
    most of his videos, great guy!?

  4. gabe agex

    Good video scott, I know youre a busy gentleman but when you get the
    chance, check on my post I put on “critique my physique “. I would really
    like your advice
    Thanks scott?

  5. ToNeSpOT

    I was debating this one or the Mio Fuse. Same price point, both have color
    indicators for heart rate range. I didn’t need an all day one just
    something to wear during workouts to monitor heart rate. Maybe u can get
    review unit of Fuse and do a compare. ?

  6. Anabolic Aliens

    If that thing vibrated during a heavy bench press- I would soil myself.?

  7. Cody Divelbiss

    Can you set it up to notify when to bump up the intensity? For instance I
    would like to jog for 30 seconds followed by a sprint for 30. Can you have
    it vibrate when the 30 second jog is over and it’s time to sprint? I
    realize that would be easy to do just by watching the seconds but I think
    would be a neat feature. ?

  8. LiveOnBBC

    I actually bought the micoach smart run watch about two months ago. It runs
    for 400 but I got it for only 235 and it is basically the same thing except
    it has built in music storage so you can Bluetooth music. It’s also
    touchscreen so you don’t have to use your phone to choose workouts etc…
    Everything else he said goes along with the watch version as well except
    the battery can last longer or shorter depending on what you use (GPS,
    Bluetooth, heart rate, etc…). Even if you don’t run that much it still
    functions fine as a watch and looks cool too!?

  9. Brendan O'Callaghan

    Hi Scott, love your videos!! I was wondering if you could give me some
    advice; I’m looking to add muscle mass (size and functionality)? What ratio
    of my workout should be calisthenics/weights? Should I focus on heavier
    lifts (I’ve heard this might stunt my growth) or should I lift lighter
    weight for higher reps? Are there any exercises you would recommend to make
    me taller (spinal decompression)??

  10. Daniel Galata

    I love how every time you referred to the band, you swung your arm round
    and presented it like some kind of power ranger watch Hahahah. Brilliant ?

  11. Richie Howey Fitness

    5:31 Scott your voice haha, are you singing.

    P.s great review, my Gf just bought one so this justifies her purchase now
    🙂 Appreciate the effort you have went to. Ty?

  12. John Michael Boiardi

    Looks good Scott. I want to know how much I burn during my intense
    workouts. I assume it also has an app for iPhone too.


  13. Colossus Fitness

    There some really good bands out there. Have you heard of the fit band ones
    or something? They sync with your my fitness pal. These bands are getting
    so cool and advanced I’m just going to sit back and wait and see where they
    go then buy one. Great video though scott. ?

  14. John Jackson

    i was looking at the UA one. i like UA as a name but it was pretty
    expensive, like around 250. ?

  15. Jennamatt Richard

    Has anyone ever told you, you look like Jensen Ackles? 🙂

    Love the videos! Keep them coming!?

  16. Hey Hay 5212

    I don’t think I have ever “accidentally” run 8 miles but it sounds like
    that the arm band keeps you on track. Nice video. ?

  17. FroztDrake

    nice band no doubt.. but i wouldnt buy it even at $50 most likely.. well im
    not rich..thats why. but $150? DAMN. Well.. i guess some people that have
    no money problems and REALLY wanna know how much kcal they burn could use

  18. Miel Rey Santos

    What happened to your facebook account Scott? Are you got hacked??

  19. peppie132

    It looks awesome, but can you switch modes during the workout? I usually
    run to the gym do my workout and jog/walk home after.?

  20. ToNeSpOT

    I purchased same device. Very accurate for running. Doesn’t keep heart rate
    while performing body part workouts or crossfit type workouts. I tried
    putting large size band as far up in arm as possible with no resolution.
    Any advice, u say it works good for your body part workouts. Mine jumps
    from white to green to white to blue, HaHa. One minute says 155 then after
    set says 84.?

  21. Kaitlynne86

    I contemplated buying this, but I’ve heard that the bands that monitor
    heart rate from the wrist aren’t very accurate. I ended up getting the
    Polar M400, and I love it. Scott, you should review that next. ?

  22. SleeveRocker

    not really a good indicator of calories burned during strength training if
    it doesn’t include the afterburn from repairing and building those muscle
    fibers. right? you said you selected ‘free workout’ there’s nothing
    specific for strength work.?

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