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Function, versatility, and organization make up the Striiv Fusion Band to create the ultimate in fitness-tracking technology. This device does it all from tracking your exercising, steps taken, and even lets you know how much sleep you’re getting over time as well as the quality. Never miss a single notification with the date and time vibrating alarm, the incoming call alerts, or the text message notifications. It syncs with most smartphones to access the Striiv App which can be updated frequently for new features and fitness games.About D&H DistributingD&H Distributing is a leading technology distributor of IT and electronics offering end-to-end solutions for today’s reseller and retailer and the clients they serve across the SMB and Consumer markets. Starting in 1918 as a small business retreading tires followed by 95+ years of distribution experience that spans the days of the first color TV, the first home PC and the first gaming system, D&H is rooted in the tradition of taking a hands-on role in helping our customers and manufacturer partners achieve their goals. Every customer, regardless of size, is given their own dedicated account representative who functions as your personal, knowledgeable industry consultant, working more like a partner participating in your ongoing strategy than like a salesperson. Dimensions: 7.5L x 2.8W x 2.8H in.. Includes 3 interchangeable bands in red, blue, and black with a stainless steel clasp. Touch screen. Syncs up to the Striiv App on most smartphones to track progress. Tracks daily activity plus sleep quality and time. Connects with your smartphone to give incoming call alerts, text message notifications, and date/time vibration alarm. Includes USB cable, cradle, Quickstart guide, and sizing guide. Lithium ion rechargeable battery with 7 day battery life.

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2.0 out of 5 stars
Had lots of potential… but probably pushed out before testing / poor software and customer support!, November 20, 2014
Fahad Pervez (East Elmhurst, NY) – See all my reviews

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This review is from: Striiv Striiv Fusion Band (Sports)

I wanted to wait at least a week of using this produce before I wrote a review! I’d describe myself as an early adopter of technology / gadgets (got burned by Kreyos!) and I’ve been looking into getting an activity tracker / fitness band for a few months now. I read the reviews, looked at a few bands that friends were using, and decided to give this one a try. Overall, I’m very happy with what I paid and what I got with this product. I have been using it for over a week now; I have worked out with this on and wore it to sleep on most nights I’ve had it. Charged it only twice (once on arrival; once afterwards), and it does charge up fast to full battery. I was initially VERY hesitant to get it since I got burned by Kreyos “indiegogo” scampaign, and this product had NO reviews when I purchased it.

I’m 6’1”, 205lbs; in the medical field; trying to tone down and lose weight. overall – healthy and fit but need to do more cardio!

-three different band colors; not that difficult to put on as people have complained about other bands
-Tracks (who knows how accurate but pretty good so far) activity, steps, sleep*, miles, calories burned
-SMARTPHONE NOTIFICATIONS!!!!: this one took me by surprise and how much I love this function. It will show you a caller ID, text messages, and calendar pop-ups (you can disable whichever one you’d like). I’m a physician and sometimes don’t like taking my phone out of my pocket when it rings or buzzes. This gets the job done and satisfies my ADD of constantly checking who is calling/texting me, without the need to reply back immediately.

-yes, it can get scratched easily
-not super comfortable to wear; I have woken up a few times with a numb wrist/hand because it was too tight or became too tight. (I do wear it to sleep most nights)
-sometimes difficult to wake it up from sleep but tapping ‘just the right way and holding’ it works after 2 or 3 tries.
-battery life is so and so but will last a good 3-4 days (unlike the advertised 5 days) but I’m getting a lot of texts, calls, etc, and they all pop up and buzz the tracker, hence draining it a bit.

So overall, I’m not sure what people are trying to accomplish when they get an activity tracker (or a smartwatch!) but I feel like this is a very good compromise that I got in this one product! It costs the same (or less!!) than most activity bands / wrist pedometers, and DEFINITELY costs less than a full fledged smart watch. The app is ‘OK’; haven’t played with the “fitness game” much but looks like just a filler game. Charts do show steps/calories/miles/sleep etc and it is fairly easy to use. (I used it on Android 4.4 and now 5.0 on my Nexus 5 phone).

-weight charting (you can put in your weight in the user settings but it’s a static value)
-better online / website app; there IS one but it is crappy and I haven’t been able to connect to it

I have no idea how this tracker will impact my actual health; I’m hoping it would make me work out more or get to bed earlier, etc, but only time will tell. Again, this is not the perfect product, and definitely has a few kinks (never kicked me out of sleep mode once and logged 14 hours of sleep – you can turn off sleep mode when you wake up but the product guide says it should turn off after 200 steps; another kink is so-so calorie tracking feature; doesn’t really coincide with my workout days – I guess it shows ‘aerobic’ or cardio calories but what can you expect from a wrist band?). Right now, I’d say that in a market FLUSHED with activity trackers, I’d pick this one over the others based on the features it offers and the price.

I’ll update this review after I use it for a few months.

UPDATE (11/27/2014 – downgrade to 2 stars)
I’m sorry guys, I should waited a bit longer to review the product. I am actually returning it the product after discovering numerous bugs. I was ‘mostly’ happy with the product as stated above in my review until there was a software update pushed out which forces you to INSTALL NOW or you can’t use the app. This wasn’t working for me so I did all the right things (re-installed the app, restarted the device, tried to pair it again) – somewhere in doing this, my band got stuck in pairing mode and displays the pairing code on the screen. There is no hard reset button (well, there is, but it doesn’t work). I e-mailed customer service, read all their FAQs, restarted my phone, restarted the bluetooth connection, basically did everything. The band is still stuck in “PAIR” mode apparently.
In my opinion (finally after extensive use), this device has some amazing potential! For a 0, you get a smart activity tracker, sleep tracker, PLUS Bluetooth notifications. The company, however, needs to do some debugging, improve the software / online dashboard (it is non-existent), and fix the hardware to avoid these random…

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4.0 out of 5 stars
Reliable tracking in a lightweight, attractive package at a great price!, November 17, 2014
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This review is from: Striiv Striiv Fusion Band (Sports)
I opted to purchase the Striiv Fusion with some hesitance because it is essentially the Touch model with the ability to replace the bands. I was coming from a Galaxy Gear Fit which was an abysmal experience wherein I used the device and it basically was nothing more than an accessory that required daily charging and yielded no results in regard to bio-data.

After searching for some time I decided that the Fusion would potentially meet my needs. I was sacrificing a heart rate monitor in the process but after upgrading to a Note 4, this was no longer an issue. As a side note though I would like to offer that I do work in healthcare and a fitness bad that measures heart rate at the wrist rather than finger pad is going to give you nearly useless data as the capillary bed is not sufficient nor is the capillary pulse accurate at the wrist. So, essentially, the Stiiv Fusion offered me all the features and was better on battery and streamlined.

I love the ability to change the bands and the red band sold me as I had just ordered the red band for my Gear Fit. The bands snap on and off nicely but I would have loved to see each one come with a metal clip rather than having to change it each time you change bands. A minor inconvenience but worth mentioning.

The clasp, as mentioned by others, is hard to close but does become easier with use. If you change bands frequently the process is slower since the wearing of the holes is going to take a bit longer.

Setup is easy but not without its quirks. You need to really read the instructions. I tried to setup my Fusion while in the car only to realize that I needed to do the initial pairing with the unit plugged in and with external power.

The app for Android is simple. It shows all the data in easy to read figures and allows you to setup the notifications. I did run into an issue with my sleep tracking not working and goals not being kept but after contacting customer service via the app I learned that you needed to log in and out to ensure the goals stayed constant.

The battery life I’ve had is a good 3 days with notifications set for calls, texts and meeting alerts. I get quite a few alerts in a day so battery life for others with less contact through the day may see more extended life.

Once of the interesting issues with any of these devices is when to charge them since you are trying to track movement as well as sleep. Since the Fusion charges so fast, about 1 full charge in 90 minutes, I’ve just made a habit of charging it every 2 days while I sit and watch tv. I don’t get to 100% this way but do keep the device hovering between 40% and 85% which works for me.

Overall the devices does what it says it will do. Once its setup you barely notice it on your wrist since its so light. You get notifications, activity and sleep tracking and even extra bands for under 0. How can you complain?


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5.0 out of 5 stars
it is fantastic for iPhone, December 25, 2014
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This review is from: Striiv Striiv Fusion Band (Sports)
I bought one for my wife, it is fantastic for iPhone, downloaded the app from Istore (free) and setup easy, receive messages, dates, calls, etc… great, the best "size". I’m buying other for me now. Try it.


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