1. matt miller

    My goals for the year;
    Get above 12 on the Beep Test
    Increase my bench by 30kg
    Increase my squat by 40kg
    Make it to State for Athletics in my year level?

  2. AstroOnFire

    my Goal is to reach 175 for the navy! last year i was 280 and now I’m 192
    so i’m almost there!?

  3. Julia McRae

    My Goals For 2015
    Continue to lose weight and have fun doing it! 65 pounds and counting
    Increase muscle definition!
    Enjoy life?

  4. Glenn G

    My goals for 2015:
    Continue goal to gain more lean muscle
    Deadlift 500lbs, currently at 220lbs
    Solve the Rubix cube
    Continue living life!?

  5. Ivailo Ivanov

    since I’m into jogging, my goals for 2015 are:
    – be able to run half-marathon
    – be able to run faster in shorter distances (5km, 10 km)
    – get leaner body and lose 10 kg :)?

  6. Dardan M

    It’s interesting but yeah atm it seems like it’s more for joggers and
    fitness moms?

  7. HolySmokes

    your girlffrind has an iiiihphone you are an android user, right? :-)?

  8. dima lvnus

    The isis looking beard is gone yay.you look good nice look (:?

  9. KhanGBanGz

    My goal for the new year is to:
    Do more cardio
    Try out Crossfit
    Learn to walk on my hands
    Attempt to do Olympic lifts?

  10. EscortGirl

    you look a bit stressed out on that vid. anything wrong??

  11. Ana Modengo

    Goals in sport sense:
    1. Run a 1000 miles
    2. 20kg down with diet
    3. Finally finally do a proper pullup / my weak point
    Generally, more hiking, running, kettlebell, crossfit. More sun, more fun;)?

  12. Linda Gray

    My goals for 2015:
    Make working out a constant part of my life
    Be in my first triathlon
    Find a fitness tracker I actually like
    Lead climb a 5.11 outdoors (rock climbing)!
    Lose the 15 lbs haunting me for the last 10 years?

  13. Melissa Teears

    My fitress goal is to continue losing the weight that I still need to lose
    and once I reach my goal maintain it. Also, to step up my exercise routine.

  14. Janne Gray

    My goal 2015 is to loose 80lb, I’m 5’2 215lb with diabetes it is a must to
    loose weight. do you think this type of product will help? I have been
    looking in thing to help me along..?

  15. FILIP98R

    My goals:
    To learn a little mbit more about android development
    To get into the higher state of fitness
    To win some giveaway?

  16. Taeyeon Snsd

    My goals for 2015 is to lose weight and start to eat healthy and go to the
    gym when i have the time. :)?

  17. HoodyWoodpecker

    fitness trackers are useless, you’re right. waste of money?

  18. Chris Cholera

    thanks for these giveaways, adam! very generous indeed!?

  19. marisa carfi

    Hi, my goals are:
    Run 5 times a weeks ( 25 miles or more)
    Eat Healthier
    Get Faster!
    I love your channel !!?

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