1. vicerun

    Thanks, Kevin, for the review.

    Thanks, also, to Chenvili for sharing the solution to the hourly chime.
    Just got mine today (less than $5 shipped; found on eBay), and had the same
    problem. To go into further detail on this issue — hold down the left
    button, and push middle one to toggle the hourly chime. If all of the
    little ‘day of the week’ bars are showing, it’s on; if none of the bars are
    showing, it’s off.

    Would also like to emphasize that this thing is light. Very hopeful that
    this thing will work well in my pocket when I hike/jog. Also hopeful that
    it really is water resistant (I sweat a lot, and also plan to use in
    the rain, lol).

    Thanks again.

  2. chenvili

    well i just looked in some others stopwatch manual, and it works the only
    thing you need to do is press the Set Lap Reset button and the mode button

  3. TheMultiGunMan

    ????? Great review my man! Seems like a decent Stopwatch!

  4. KevinMillard68

    i thought it would be something simple good going .

  5. chenvili

    it keeps beeping every hour, can u help me with this problem?

  6. KevinMillard68

    haven’t a clue did you read your instructions to see what it say you
    probably just have a whacked setting or your battery is low i really cant
    tell you mine works perfect

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