1. MyFit


    Since the release of the NEW Nike Fuelband SE and the FitBit Force we have
    to give this one to the Force. We will do another review as more players
    enter this game. It’s happening very fast.

    UPDATE ************************* ?

  2. tiredofthebull

    really? you kinda would think that a device that is constantly changing
    awake and sleep mode on you would be the worst to use?

  3. Bruce Riggs

    FYI. The Fitbit Force has been recalled and per an email from Fitbit is not
    being made at all anymore and they are out of stock completely. They
    informed me they are coming out with a newer Fitbit that will have more
    options and no skin irritation but I don’t feel like waiting. WIll probably
    go with the Polar Loop or the Garmin 310xlt?

  4. Matt Hallberg

    I own the C200 and I see the Bluetooth symbol on the icon bar, but you say
    it doesn’t have it? Why is the icon up there then??

  5. littlenel17

    I thought fitbit flex was waterproof up to 50 meters?

  6. Justin Pearson

    Constantly dragging your finger over each band… irritated the hell out of
    me while watching the video. ?

  7. Cihan Boztarla

    what about polar loop which my opinion is the best?

  8. Tilly Manley

    Great help! What do you think of the new polar loop? Would be great to see
    a review or hear your thoughts! ?

  9. Miggens Malloy

    Thanks for the detailed report. It was helpful. I like the C200 but wish it
    had Bluetooth and a sleep monitor. ?

  10. apolanco602

    i just seen nike fuel now goes for 90 bucks brand new at the nike store?

  11. littlenel17

    Anacidking….yeah get the fitbit one. Great tracker?

  12. heleenjj

    I would like to get the Fitbit flex just because I would like to know how
    much I walk during a day and the extra exercises. But on my work I always
    have to push a container, that would probably mean it wouldn’t count my
    steps. So could I wear this on my legs, just above my socks? I don’t know
    if it’s too thick.?

  13. Paul Terry Walhus

    I don’t have to press the button to get my nike fuelband to sync when I
    plug it in to usb. What about a review of the Nike Tom Tom GPS tracker

  14. NekkyoTenshi

    Can the fitbit sync with my fitness pal on an iPhone 4? Does it have to be

  15. MyFit

    Thank you for this. It’s very interesting that they still call it water
    resistant still.. Could you please tell me where you copied this data from?

  16. Eric Unruh

    The nike fuelband also tells the time so if your not trying to loose wate
    it makes a grate wach

  17. mtms42000

    Can be submerged up to 10meters (30ft). Environmental requirements Flex™ is
    water resistant. It should be able to brave all the elements of your
    everyday life ­- whether you’re in the shower or out in the rain. OPERATING
    TEMPERATURE -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C) NON-OPERATING TEMPERATURE -22° to
    140° F (-30° to 60° C) WATER RESISTANT Device is water resistant, and can
    be submerged up to 10 meters. MAXIMUM OPERATING ALTITUDE 30,000 feet (9,144

  18. MyFit

    They need to increase the battery life. After six months of using a device
    like this it’s cumbersome to charge multiple wearables like this… LG’s
    Activity Tracker seems like the best of everything.. Jan 2014 release date
    right now

  19. kandenoyalla

    Hi nice review , if you compare bettwen lifetrak Move c300 Vs. FitBit Flex
    what would you like more of them ?

  20. MyFit

    I really do like it too. Since I use all the apps I’m really excited for
    the C300 and C400

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