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BE FIT. BE FREE. BE SMART. With Smart Health Technology that Makes Living Fit…Simple!

Simply Put It On and Go! With our Auto Tracking Technology, Smart Health Walking FIT accounts for your daily activity level, and calculates your calories burned with ease! Smart Health also integrates your Heart Rate and Basal Metabolic Rate into the calorie calculation, resulting in the most accurate calorie calculation of its kind. Smart Health introduces the “free living” concept where the watch does all the work for you. Best of all, the Smart Health Walking FIT watch requires absolutely NO PERSONAL SET UP. Just set the time and start improving your fitness level today.

AUTOMATIC TRACKING Monitors your Calorie Burn, Distance Walked & Steps Taken over the entire day. There is no user set up required, just set the time, and start monitoring your daily activity.

ALL DAY CALORIES A proprietary technique provides an All Day calorie burn that includes Basal Metabolic Rate, Activity (intensity & duration), and includes your EKG accurate Heart Rate into the calculation each time a reading is taken.

DISTANCE The Smart Health dynamic pace calibration determines the length of your stride based on the speed of your pace. This unique feature eliminates the need to input a stride measurement during set up.

HEART RATE Smart Health uses S-PulseTM Technology to deliver EKG accurate heart rate. S-PulseTM is the established leader in episodic heart rate for Sports Brands and international commercial cardio equipment.

Smart Health Can Help You:
-Lose Weight and keep it off
-Lower blood pressure
-Improve cardiac health

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Awesome heart rate monitor, with a good pedometer, September 10, 2012
Joseph Dewey (Orem, UT USA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Smart Health Walking FIT (Sports)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)

Customer Video Review Length:: 3:05 Mins

This is an excellent heart rate monitor! I bought one years ago that I had to strap to my chest, and it took 5 or 10 minutes to put on, so I love that I can put this on and get my heart rate in seconds. It says that it takes 3-8 seconds to get your heart rate, and that seems accurate.

The pedometer is pretty cool, too. It’s the best pedometer I’ve ever used, but I’ve only ever used a couple of them. The instructions say that if it isn’t working, then you should swing your arms more. I did notice that it doesn’t count any steps at all from working on my computer or watching TV, which is a really good thing. I also noticed that if I didn’t exercise at all, then I racked up about a mile up just walking around work and home. When I walked about 4 miles at the gym, the pedometer was accurate within a half a mile, so it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good.

And, I just realized after I made the video, that if you press and hold on the big button, and then when your heart rate appears, keep holding the button. Then it will continually monitor your heart rate. On this video, I kept re-pressing the button.

I thought by looking at the advertising on this, that it did a lot more than it actually does. It doesn’t do a ton, but what it does, it does well.

Quick and easy instructions (in case you lose yours):
*To get your heart rate, press and hold the big button in the middle
*To get out of any feature, press the ‘Time’ button. This is like the Home button on an Android phone.
*To view your current day stats, press the ‘View’ button, and press it again to cycle through the three stats
*To view your prior day stats, pres the ‘View’ button once, and the long press it again. If you’ve done it right, it will show ‘PREV DAY.’
*To change the time, press and hold the ‘Time’ button for a long time. Then use the ‘View’ button as a + button and the ‘Reset’ button as a – button. Then keep pressing Time to cycle through all the options like gender, weight, height, and pedometer sensitivity.

+Very easy to take your heart rate. Just press and hold the big button in the center of the watch
+It’s cool that the pedometer is integrated directly into the watch. You just have to wear one device, instead of three.
+Very easy to measure a friend’s heart rate
+Very easy to measure your heart rate first thing in the morning, when you’re too groggy to do anything besides press a button
+Doesn’t have a warm up time, like the heart rate monitors attached to treadmills

-Doesn’t do a continuous heart rate unless you keep holding the button, which is impractical when you’re exercising. You have to push the button again whenever you want to measure your heart rate.
-You can’t upload your results anywhere. There’s no way of getting any info out of this watch besides a pencil and paper.
-It only stores one day of history (This might be a benefit though, if you didn’t realize it stored anything)
-The strap of the watch kept coming out


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Nice little Watch, August 23, 2012
Paul M. Provencher “ppro” (Morgantown, WV USA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Smart Health Walking FIT (Sports)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
This watch reports:
– steps taken
– calories burned
– miles covered
– heart rate

When you get the watch there is a little set-up process:
Turn the watch on (easy – just press TIME for 5 seconds)
Advanced Set-up
– set age
– gender
– height (in inches)
– weight
– and of course setting the time.

The instruction book takes you through each of these settings. They’re very easy to set up.

This watch reports your heart rate by pressing the button on the front. It comes up in 3-8 seconds.

The records from the previous day are available.

The is a light on the dial so you can see the time in the dark.

The watch is made out of plastic with a rubber wrist-band.

Included in the package is a Beginner Walking and Fitness Guide from Denise Austin, with a 30 days free at

The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters but don’t press the buttons under water because the water will leak into the watch…


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4.0 out of 5 stars
Not a Nike Fuelband, but close, August 22, 2012
Jeffhdz (CA United States) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Smart Health Walking FIT (Sports)
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
I was recently gifted a Nike+ FuelBand and have been using it to track my activities. This Smart Health Digital Pedometer Heart Rate Watch pretty much serves the same functions. I used both products for a couple of days and here are my take on the features:

– Time: both products tell time. The FuelBand sets time automatically when connected to a computer, the watch requires manually time setting before first use.
– Pedometer: both track steps. The results are very close even though they use different technologies.
– Distance Counter: The watch estimates distance walked. The estimate is pretty accurate but it depends on each person’s normal stride length. The stride length can be adjusted in the “Advanced Setup” (read the manual) by setting the user’s height. For my last walk the watch estimated 1.6 miles while my GPS track was 1.74 miles long. The FuelBand does not have this function.
– Heart Rate: The watch can check heart rate. I compared the reading by checking my pulses against a clock and found it to be accurate. The FuelBand does not have this function.
– Calories Estimate: Both the watch and the FuelBand have this function. The estimate from the watch is much higher than from the FuelBand. Setting the “Advanced Setup” properly with the correct height, weight and gender of the user can help making the estimate more accurate.
– Auto Reset: The pedometer and distance counter on the watch automatically resets overnight, but the calories estimate does not reset. The FuelBand automatically resets overnight.
– Tracking Progress: The FuelBand can be linked to a computer and further to the Nike+ web site to track progress and to enable social network features. The watch is a standalone device.
– Price: The watch is many times cheaper than the FuelBand.
– Size and Style: The watch is a very thick one. The FuelBand wins in this aspect.

Overall, I think this watch is a good gadget for anyone who needs to track physical activities. There are a few minor drawbacks:

– Calories Estimate keeps counting up without activity, even when the watch is put on a desk.
– Pedometer readout does not update when viewing the pedometer counts. To see the update one has to use the “View” button to cycle through the display for it to refresh.

In conclusion, I would say that both this watch and the FuelBand can be used to check and monitor daily activities. Will I trade my FuelBand for this watch? Probably not. Will I buy this watch instead of the FuelBand had I not received the FuelBand as a gift? Definitely.


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