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  1. wear the chest strap to sleep, place the bracelet on the night stand and
    you will record your sleep minute by minute, including resting heart rate
    during sleep, average heart rate, time in deep sleep, when you toss and
    turn, etc. In the morning synch with Polar Flow (web-based analysis site
    used for all Polar monitors) and you will have great graph showing the
    whole night’s sleep. Since weight management is tied to sleep, this is a
    powerful advantage for the Loop. Also, $80 for the H7 chest strap (android)
    and H6 (iphone) is too high. I paid $50 on Amazon. Also the Loop itself has
    dipped to $80-$90, so you’re looking at $140 for the bundle. The only other
    activity tracker that isn’t just a pedometer like the Nike, Fitbit, Jawbone
    units is the Garmin Vivofit and that bundle is $170 for essentially the
    same features as the Loop but their analysis platform is not nearly as
    developed as the Polar Flow site. And you can’t use the Garmin at night
    because it’s not backlit.?

  2. thanks for the best review i seen on the polar loop.. i will thumps up the
    video and subscribe.. plus i will share it with friends keep up the good
    work thanks again bozzy?

  3. Some one suggested I do the review for the Polar Loop. I can’t remember
    the name, but thank you! This starts off activity band season for me.
    Hopefully I’m working the details for the Basis Carbon. And I already
    have the GARMIN Vivofit in house. (Before its release date) =)?

  4. tho?

  5. Indriati Naland August 6, 2014 at 12:14 am

    Just bought this one, and I found it’s bit hard to pair with H7 heart rate
    monitor. I only managed to pair them once…and that’s so hard. Do you have
    any tips??

  6. Wayne Prezzler August 6, 2014 at 1:02 am

    Jim I’m big into lifting weights and I understand I need a band with a HR
    Monitor would you recommended this Polar or the Garmin????

  7. About the sensitivity of the button….The 16 april firmware addresses this

    Version number: 1.1.4
    Release date: 16th April, 2014
    This firmware update is mandatory for Loop users.

    The update brings you
    support for Flow app 1.0 for Android
    inactivity Alert shown on Loop display
    improved touch button sensitivity
    improved flight mode activation
    minor bug fixes and enhancements?

  8. just watched ur review. amazingly done. I recently purchased the fitbit
    flex and and not happy with it at all. after watching ur review i
    definitely think I’m going to give the loop a try. the only thing i dislike
    is that u have to purchase the HRM separately and at almost the same cost
    as the initial product. they should come standard when purchasing any
    product in general.?

  9. Hi Jim, I was wondering how the loop determine the daily goal and is that
    adjustable ? ?

  10. Your reviews are the best in fitness bands segment, very complete. Great

  11. Robert Fuentes August 6, 2014 at 3:25 am

    Good Review. One side note. myself and a few others have found that the
    button doesn’t work properly unless the data port under the band is
    touching skin as if it was on your wrist. I assume it has a sensor that if
    its not touching skin it puts the Loop in a power down mode or no data mode
    so it doesn’t drain the battery. This is also why we get the strip section
    on our daily clocks during the time no data is being recorded because the
    Loop is not being used. I hope Polar would officially post this somewhere
    so people won’t think of the button as a deterrent. ?

  12. Dominic Hoffmann August 6, 2014 at 4:25 am

    best reviewer on YouTube by far 🙂 ?

  13. Edgar Mancilla Sanchez August 6, 2014 at 5:22 am

    the button doesn’t lack of sensitiveness, actually your skin has to be in
    contact with the back of the device in order to make the button work, thats
    why you can’t wake it up if it’s not in your wrist?

  14. Hi thanks for the review. Bought the polar loop recently. Have a polar ft80
    too. Can the chest band from ft80 be used with the loop??

  15. this product is junk this is what i got three months after i emailed them
    telling them mine was not working 2 months after buying it.Thank you for
    your email to Polar Customer Care. We are very sorry for the late reply. If
    you have an unresolved issue please feel free to reply to this email and we
    will do our best to reply immediately. We apologize for the inconvenience
    Thank you for your patience and continued support!?

  16. Hello, and thank you for the helpfull review, however can you tell me if
    and how can this device measure DISTANCE runned or walked (in km not in
    steps)? I want a wristband which can measure the distance and be water

  17. Michael DelPapa August 6, 2014 at 7:22 am

    Great video. If I wanted to display my heart rate on my computer, which
    options of chest strap monitor would make sense? Thank you. ?

  18. Hannah Heinemann August 6, 2014 at 7:41 am

    thanks! I do a lot of jogging, gym and cycling as well as cross trainer
    etc. Can you tell me how accurate you think the calories measurements are
    while wearing a heart rate monitor? And secondly, how accurate you’d say
    the information about the daily burned calories while not wearing a heart
    rate monitor all day long, is?(=

    greetings from germany (=?

  19. great review, good sound, pretty useful ! thanks !?

  20. Madison Genevieve August 6, 2014 at 8:54 am

    Overall, do you recommend the vivofit or the loop? I would like one that
    has heart rate monitoring. Thanks!?

  21. Very well done . . . ?

  22. Fayez Alsulaimani August 6, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Wonderful view … but you been Mgarty work between them and similar
    products (especially bitfit & Flex-Force) and Which is better?

  23. I’ve used almost every tracker out there: Started when the Jawbone UP very
    first came out, (and that was a major fail, as we all know). Then on to a
    couple of various Fitbit models, and once the Loop was announced I jumped
    on it. Love the backlit, love the heart rate integration, love how it goes
    on and off so easily with the metal clasp thing (that was my major beef
    with the FitBit), love the water-resistance (one of the reasons I had to
    bail from the UP) – I mean this thing takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

    Very nice review – the Loop is the best!?

  24. Thank you. ?

  25. I’ve really enjoyed my Polar Loop. I got my H7 HRM from bhphotovideo for
    only $53.99. It looks like that’s also the price at Best Buy. ?

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