1. Gerry Gallagher

    thanks for the review just bought the unit your right they are not cheap
    but glad i got the ft7 thanks again?

  2. Shauna Chan

    Thank you for sharing this! I used the code and it worked. The Polar FT7
    should work loads better than the mio Drive Petite that I’m replacing.
    Once again, thanks so much! 🙂 ?

  3. MizzAfroCentric

    Hey thank-you so much. I just purchased my polar FT7 monitor & used the
    code “valuedcustomer” it worked & i got $3 dollars off my total order 🙂
    Great deal. Th?

  4. Mariah Frances

    If you were to take off the band around your body would it start to beep
    when your heart rate goes up like in the hulk. Or do you need the band on
    in order for it to take your heart rate? Or will if your on normal mode no
    recording but still have the band on will it beep if your heart rate goes


  5. Nagendrakumar N

    Thank you for sharing the video, it is an excellent review. Having browsed
    through all products in Polar website and your review helped me in making a
    decision to buy a heart rate monitor and I have ordered the FT7. Keep up
    your good work.?

  6. Jeanne Yzelle

    I have been looking for a HRM for some time, and came across your video,
    well done to you, so honest and relaxed, with kids and all. Lol, loved the


    Poor quality vid. Couldn’t get a good look at the product. It was being
    waved around and moved too much. Would have been better w/o all the
    distractions. would like to find a professional review. ?

  8. Ma Bo

    +CandidMommy Can one wear the heart rate monitor all day to see the
    calories that have been burned throughout or is it recommended that it only
    be worn during workout times? Thank you in advance!?

  9. Rita Dimitri

    I’ve been trying to look for an answer for this for a while, and hope you
    can help!
    So, between the FT4 and FT7- Obviously the FT7 has more options, however
    one characteristic that I’ve been seeing in reviews is that the FT4 lets
    out an audible alarm when your HR drops under your target zone….. for the
    FT7 also do that?

    I ask because I’m in training for a full marathon and would like to get a
    warning whenever I’m not in my fitness improvement zone rather than keep
    looking at the watch. Thanks!?

  10. MrScout15

    Thx for the review. One diff of this and the FT4 is it tells you your zone,
    whether fat burning or not. I like that feature.

  11. heidi castellanos

    Always detach the connector from the strap, it helps safe battery life.

  12. marijo1013

    This may be a dumb question but how do I know where I need to have my heart
    rate at to get the most of my workout? Is a heart rate monitor really

  13. ramir332

    got mine for 60 dollars on ebay, brand new.. free shipping LOL

  14. MyFarmWifeLife

    Try strapping the watch around your singlet/bra strap. That’s where I wear
    mine. It doesn’t get in the way and its still close enough for you to
    quickly look down at it 🙂

  15. Drix

    Always detach the transmitter connector from the strap after every use, it
    drains the transmitter battery.

  16. Ramon Leal

    I was watching this video with some ear buds. When I heard the baby crying,
    I started to look around. Then I realized I don’t have a baby in my house.

  17. babysnooks

    “not that you care…but, you know, it’s my full review!” Haha! Funny! I
    appreciate the storage tip though!

  18. The Witt Family

    fab review ive just ordered the pink one on amazon! its on offer for £54!

  19. lstuehm

    I have the polar FT4 – not sure of the difference but I love mine!!!

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