1. KaylaaDawl

    Your high quality video really attracted me over all the other reviews and
    I feel you’re friendly and i can connect/relate with you while you are
    talking! You just gained a new subbie! (: ?

  2. Laura Turner

    Does it only work when you are working out? Or can you track your total
    calorie burn through out the day on top of workouts? Sounds like a stupid
    question! LOL Thanks?

  3. Fábio Silva

    Anyone who comes here for a technical review can now skip to the next
    video. I wasted my time, don’t waste yours!?

  4. Katy Ball

    Heya Alycia … thankyou for the review it was awesome !! …just bought my
    polar watch !! can’t wait to use it 😀 !! xx?

  5. Samantha McQuaid

    I’m just beginning my weight loss journey and my friend bought me the Polar
    FT4 (which came in today!). So far I have been logging my macros and
    guessing how many calories I have been burning while doing Zumba 3x/week.
    Very excited to get this thing on me tomorrow and dance my little butt off.
    Awesome video! Am going to do a marathon to your other videos tonight. Take
    care and Thank you. xo?

  6. Darinna Bunhoor

    Do you wear a singlet under the band? If not how often do you wash the
    band? ?

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