LifeTrak Zone C410 Watch Black/Blizzard

Connects & Syncs To Compatible Smartphones Using Bluetooth Smart Technology Pace-Based Calibration Algorithm Dynamically Adjusts Stride Length Based On Identification Of Walking, Jogging & Running Motions Proprietary Calorie Algorithm Integrates Heart Rate & Activity Data Observes How Well You Sleep Based On Motion & Arm Posture Waterproof

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Great tracker, but save your money until they have a better app., November 25, 2013
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This review is from: LifeTrak Zone C410 Watch Black/Blizzard (Misc.)
I have had my C410 for a week now and its ok. the website says it works with the free app from Argus. but in fact the app costs .99. i know thats a small price, but when you are told its free… the Argus app works well, but there is no way to track and trend calorie intake on the watch or the app. it shows calories burned. would be nice to track both. the sleep monitor on the watch works well, but not when it uploads to the app. there is no trending of sleep hours or quality in the app. if i spend another .99 i can buy Azumio’s sleep tracker and then have to keep my phone on the bed all night. isnt this why i bought the Lifetrak? Great watch and activity tracker, but the app they have linked with falls short. im disappointed so far.


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LifeTrak C410 and Argus Application, Potential to be Amazing!, December 18, 2013
Ooops (Portland, USA) – See all my reviews

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This review is from: LifeTrak Zone C410 Watch Black/Blizzard (Misc.)
Update: December 23rd, 2013

Added Run Keeper App to my iPhone and Synched to Argus!

1. The Run Keeper application tracked my run really well and then synched and accurately displayed the data in the Argus application. Run Keeper accurately tracked my run with time, distance, and from what I can tell elevation. I especially like the map view of the run.

1. Not sure I need 3 visible tiles within Argus to show the same information. I think 1 tile would have been enough. Furthermore, when you open any tile it shows the same data. Easy fix!

Update: December 18th, 2013

You can get an iTunes credit if you reach out to someone at LifeTrak for the .99 cost of the application. You can contact them by messaging or commenting on there Facebook page.

1. Nice to have an application that “seemingly” can track everything. (problem is with the detail in the items tracked)
2. Integration with more devices including the Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Argus Application and LifeTrak Device Needs Integration Improvement:
1. You can now sync sleep but, it is only the duration and none of the details that would indicate quality of sleep, even though the device seems to track this via movement throughout the night.

2. It would be nice if you could get the same detail that the Argus application seems to provide on the data it tracks natively, versus the basic and non-detailed data imported from the LifeTrak device. Again, the LifeTrak device seems to track detailed information but, it is not imported/used nor available via the application.

3. Need/Want to be able to import data from workout application like Fitness Buddy which is also an Azumio application.

Agree 100% with Shiela’s review. I originally only commented on her review but, now I am leaving one of my own since I am going to update based on my more recent experience and since they have updated the Argus App.

Original Comments:
I paid the .99 and it annoyed me that they said it was free. This was seemingly the most comprehensive device that I could find but the Argus application is lame as well as the data that can by synced to the Argus application itself. Sleep tracking was a big one for me as my sleep has been really inconsistent. I was hoping it would provide insight as to my sleep quality while I did sleep. Not only does the app not show detailed sleep information to indicate sleep quality but, it doesn’t download sleep info at all. You can simply enter the duration manually and that is all. I am trying to remain hopeful that the LifeTrak will sync with a better app at some point in the near future but, I can tell you that this hope is completely unfounded. I have neither read or heard about any other application or improvements to the Argus application. Time will tell but, at this point and time, I cannot recommend the Lifetrak device due to the major shortcomings in the application and device integration.


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Surprised at the quality of this monitor, but it’s not as advertised, January 4, 2014
This review is from: LifeTrak Zone C410 Watch Black/Blizzard (Misc.)
I have decided to return this device. After trying it for a 5 days and through multiple activities, it just doesn’t give me any useful information. Last night I slept for 7 hours. It continues to insist I slept for almost 10. The HR is not accurate unless you hold it for an additional 5-10 seconds after the initial reading. I think they tried to squish too much into this device.

Are you kidding me, this is an armload of technology in one very comfortable, stylish, super light-weight device. There is no other device I could find that has calories burned, HR, steps, sleep and GPS.

The app is free and it’s cool. It has a slick interface, looks neat and it’s pretty inspiring to see photos of what I’ve eaten/drank. But really, who cares what I ate looks like, I need to know the calorie value.

While setting up my device I did run across a heart rate add-on app that was .99 (I clicked on Heart Rate in the free app before I had ever used the LifeTrak to detect my HR, so I think it was looking for another brand of monitor), but the Argus app itself is a free download.

Setting up the app does require a little time and careful reading, but that seems to be the case with all apps these days.

It’s important to note this is not a heart rate monitor. You need to hold down a button for about 10s to get an instant HR reading. What’s cool is that you can continue to hold the button and watch your HR real time, but you can’t just look down and see it at a glance. Also, this means that you’ll have no cool data like the Garmin gives you where it shows you max, average HR during a work out, etc.

I cannot really see the graphs on the watch. I’m going to need to wear reading glasses while I run to see the HR. The display is super dark in daylight and even when I turn the back light on. It’s just not made for eyes older than 40.

They need a WAYYYYY better iPad app so I can see what’s going on. The watch only gives you what I term essentially “summary” data and so does the app. There’s no data mining here.

When running with it, it somehow decided I had gone twice as far as I really did. I did reset it before I started, but it turned out that it added my run to all my distance traveled that day. This is OK, but it’s totally not what I was expecting. Also, I had read that it tracked your runs and you could log them. Nope. No map, no trail, no data except total distance traveled today.

The app is wildly anemic compared to my expectations based on the hype, advertising. The manufacturer’s specs say you can analyze your “sleep quality”. Not so. First, I can’t see enough detail on the watch when it shows 24 hours of sleep/wake mashed together in 1 tile. On the app, it shows just a solid bar for the amount of time spent sleeping, no detail. This is not as advertised at all. Great. I was asleep for 9 hours, I could use a clock and figure that out.

I’m super disappointed you can’t track calories-in. I realize that’s asking a lot, but even if I track that in My Fitness Pal, there’s no place for me to even enter the number of calories consumed. On their advertising is says “Calories”. That led me to believe in/out. Bummer.


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