Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Bike Computer

Bring new life to every ride with Edge 200. This GPS-enabled bike computer tracks time, distance, speed, location and calories burned. The Edge 200 is ideal for training, everyday and touring rides or any adventure you want to relive later at Garmin Connect — our free website for data analysis, mapping and sharing.

Easy to Use

We know you just want to get out and enjoy your ride without fussing over gear and electronics, so we made Edge 200 extremely easy to use. There’s no setup required — just pop it onto the included bike mount and you’re ready to roll. You even can use it on multiple bikes.


Edge 200 features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix satellite prediction to calculate your position faster. That means when you turn it on outdoors, it finds satellites quickly so you can get on with your ride. It also alerts you if you’re moving but the timer is not running. Edge 200 has an Auto Pause feature so it will stop the timer when you’re not moving, then restart automatically when you’re rolling again. You also can set alerts for distance, time or calories to make it easier and more fun to achieve your goals.

How Far and How Fast

Whether you ride for fun, fitness or to feed your competitive edge, you’ll love seeing how far and how fast you rode. Having this data at your fingertips provides motivation and inspiration to keep you going. Edge 200 stores up to 130 hours of ride data and sorts your activities so you can quickly look up the fastest, longest or last ride.

Challenge Me

Edge 200 helps you bring new life to old rides with Courses, a feature that lets you challenge your times on previous rides. A digital cyclist shows your speed relative to your past performance, along with an indication of how far ahead or behind you are. You also can download rides from other Garmin Connect users for a virtual competition.

Garmin Connect

Join a worldwide network of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts at Garmin Connect. Once your ride is done, upload it to the site to see the path you traveled on a map, analyze it, share it and view more detail like elevation. Use Garmin Connect’s new Course Creator feature to plan new rides or convert a past activity into a Course.

What’s in the Box: 
  • Edge 200
  • Bike mounts
  • AC charger
  • USB cable
  • Manuals

$ 129.95

Customer Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent basic GPS for the cyclist, November 6, 2011
G. Berger (Bellerose, NY USA) – See all my reviews

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Bike Computer (Electronics)
I don’t want or need all the information that the higher-end Garmins provide, so when this less expensive version came out I ordered it as soon as it was available. I’ve done two rides with it so far, and it works as advertised. It has no problem acquiring satellites, even with a lot of trees around. When I examine the track closely I can see there are points where it loses the signal (there are lots of trees where we ride) and then picks it up again. The giveaway is that between those two points there is straight line that has us going through buildings in cases where we made a turn while the signal was lost. But overall I’d say it’s 98% accurate and the speed and distance figures I think are much more accurate than my previous computer. Obviously it requires no calibration, eliminating the errors inherent in that process. Uploading to the Garmin website is very easy once you’ve registered and installed their interface in your browser. The user interface is very basic and easy to understand. You can save a ride as a course and download it back to the device so that the next time you do that same ride you can get real-time comparison. I haven’t tried that yet. Garmin says the battery life is 14 hours. Based on a 2-hour ride that left 86% of the charge in the battery I’d say that’s likely accurate. When turned off it does not appear to lose any of its charge at all; after being off a week it was still 100%. The bottom line is that it works exactly as advertised, and gives continuous speed and altitude information for the entire ride. It also tells moving time, overall time, average speed, average moving speed and calories burned (you program in your age, height and weight). This is all I wanted, and the price is reasonable. I’m very happy with it.
One more thing: It comes with two bike mounts which is very handy, and I like the rubber band mounting system. (A bag of bands of varying size is included). It mounts with two bands in such a way that if one breaks, the other will still hold it securely.

Update: After almost two years of use, I’m upgrading my rating to 5 stars. A quick look at the reviews that give it two or three stars shows that either people don’t where to find the options they need or they are just not tech-savvy enough to get it working, alone or in conjunction with the Garmin website. Garmin should improve the manual / documentation.


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4.0 out of 5 stars
speedometer plus just enough GPS functionality, January 27, 2012
kurtis (California) – See all my reviews

This review is from: Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Bike Computer (Electronics)

Overview :
I’ve been using the Edge 200 for approximately 6 weeks and overall I’m very happy with it despite a couple of minor complaints. Before the Edge I had been using a Garmin 60CSx and/or a basic wired bike computer but I started feeling that the 60CSx was overkill for the majority of my riding. It was also a bit large and exposed for more aggressive riding. In the end I decided I wanted something that recorded some basic metrics (mph, distance, record several rides, etc.) that I could easily take bike to bike and the Edge 200 seemed like a viable contender once I started pricing mid-level wireless computers., especially since I would gain the ability to track rides and do courses.

Things I Like/Observations/General Info.:
-Battery life: The meter read around 80% after a 2.5+hr XC ride and 1hr push & 10min DH run. I haven’t noticed any battery drain after not using the unit for about two weeks. This works out to about 17.5 +/- hours before a recharge is needed, very respectable for a small gps unit.
-Mounts: 2 mounts, 4 small bands, and 4 medium/large bands. 2 bands are needed per mount. The small bands work well for handlebars and the mid-section of a stem. The larger bands work well for thicker parts such as mounting where the stem and handlebar mate or the top tube. (I stretched the bands more than I thought was possible in order to get them to fit the oversized top tube of my DH bike and they’ve held up and not snapped after 4+weeks. See the images for reference.) I’ve never used rubber bands like this before and I’m very impressed. I would like the option to buy some bands that are even larger as that would enable even safer mounting locations on my DH bike.
-Satellite connection/reception is great; so far it locates itself within a minute. I usually turn it on and then put on my helmet, gloves, and etc. which is more than enough time for the unit to find itself. With my 60CSx I had a few trails where I always got the ridiculous speed (100+ mph) in certain spots but so far I’ve gotten none of that with the Edge 200. The reception has been good so far also. (This is Southern CA conditions and not North Shore so I can’t say that it’s perfect but I’ve had no problems in covered areas.)
-Interface/functionality: I think this is one of the stronger areas. The screen is easy to read. I find the unit very easy to use and intuitive to navigate. Ride history and settings can be accessed easily.
-Misc.: I’ve never used a “course” before so I decided to try it brand new trail at night (not something I recommend for everyone) and I loved it. It was easy to upload and use and worked very well for keeping me on the proper trail. (Just make sure your course source is reliable.) I also love being able to track my rides and upload them to various GPS sites.

Complaints (Reasons for minus star):
-sometimes when I have three or more rides in the history folder and I try to delete all my rides the unit always leaves one ride and won’t delete even if I try again. I’ve found two ways get around this: turn the unit on & off and then it will delete the ride; or plug it into my computer and erase it by accessing the memory storage via my computer.
-I would like an option to set a night illumination mode. There is an option to change the illumination time but this would mean that I have to change it back and forth through the menu when I do a night ride then a day ride where I don’t need the illumination. It’s not a big deal but it seems like an obvious thing for Garmin to build in. (Maybe a future firmware update will have it?)

-Check with Garmin for firmware updates. There was one available when I got my unit.
-I would mount it on the stem if possible to reduce chances of scratching if you go over the bars. However, if you do night riding something you might need to consider first is where you mount your light. I mount mine right next to the stem on the handlebar so which causes interference with the pushing the buttons on the gps and removing the unit.

If you’re not looking for something fancy or need terrain views but want a speedometer and occasionally need some GPS function than I think the Edge is something worth considering. I had been shopping for a little while before the 200 came out and thought about getting the 500 but just couldn’t justify the price especially since there were features I wouldn’t use once the novelty wore off.

Update (2/2/13):
I’ve seen a few questions on the mapping feature in different forums, so I figured I would add as much information as I could. There is a “Back to Start” function which brings up a map with a track of the previous track and an arrow point in the direction of the start. The gps unit does not beep when you go off track on the track back which is different than the course function. It’s not very detailed but…

Read more

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36 of 36 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great starter unit for a cyclist., September 17, 2012
BW987 (Newark, USA) – See all my reviews

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Bike Computer (Electronics)
I’m new to road cycling and I have been using the Garmin Edge 200 for nearly three months. I find it an invaluable, fairly inexpensive tool for tracking my cycling progress.

The 200 is a small unit but the screen is clear and sharp and I have no trouble reading the data when attached to the stem post of my handles. It tracks distance, time, and speed on the main screen with a choice of one other data point…say average speed or elevation or calaories burned. (of course an estimate)

You can set the 200 to signal lap times, for example I use it to tell me how long has each 2.5 mile segment taken during a ride. It helps with pacing myself when I attempt longer rides. It is very easy to use and I have not had one issue in three months with it syncing outdoors. It finds my position in a matter of seconds and I have never once lost the signal even though I ride in some heavily wooded areas. This seems to be a strong positive for the unit over some other Garmin devices.

Another positive is the mounting system. Its secure and easy to use. The Garmin 200 comes with two mounts so it is easy to move between bikes. Additional mounts are available here on Amazon at reasonable prices.

Battery life is very good.

After each ride you can download the ride data to Garmin-connect, Mapmyride or Strava (and other sites) to get detailed data about your rides. GPS, elevation, total time, riding time, power (from Strava). I use a mac and it works well.

One feature that I have really come to like is the ability to download a course to the Garmin and follow the small breadcrumb trail in the screen. As I have become more interested in cycling, I am venturing out to more scenic areas and before I do so I map a course and easily follow it with the Garmin 200. While its not as sophisticated as the Garmin 800 it is fine for my needs, and costs less.

The question most people have to ask is simply does the Garmin 200 meet their needs compared to the Garmin 500. To me the advantage of the 500 is if you need a unit that at the same time tracks the HR and cadence. When paired with both of those monitors the 500 is a powerful unit. But thats almost 0. And while probable necessary for the serious cyclist, its not needed by all.

What I have done is pair a separate HR monitor unit for around with the Garmin 200 and I have a great fitness/cycling system at my disposal for much less, around 0. (Even tho the garmin 200 will not pick up the HR info I still have the HR data from my separate unit to track my fitness).

If you need the cadence info then the 500 is the way to go.

The Garmin 200 can be used as a motivation tool as you track real progress as you get more fit.

This is a strong tool if you are into cycling. A highly recommended device.


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